During the past 3 month, I found it is crucial to make the arrangements properly. As a PM, we usually have to manage several projects at the same time, so organize things appropriately should be a paramount quality for us.

No matter how powerful one’s ability is, if having no work order and if there is no plan, but just immersed in the work all day, which will inevitably cause a mess. But regulations clearly, it can give us plenty of benefits, which will able to improve work efficiency, so that we cannot only control our own lives, but also have more time to rest.

Appropriate organization will improve our productivity, reduce the stress and make us control ourselves better, and dispatch our time, space and activities more properly to shape your life. Being well organized means saving more time for oneself. And meanwhile it can also provide you a great sense of personal satisfaction and inner harmony. Finally, we will be one of those who have control their own lives.

Well, how to build the order when we manage the projects, I think we can follow some general principles.

Firstly, we have to make sure which projects are urgently needed, We can write a list of priorities, then to arrange the order as per the deadline demands.

Secondly, develop a habit of daily summary, and meanwhile arrange a list what needs to be done tomorrow; to finish today’s work within today, not until tomorrow. Remind ourselves not to make the same mistake.

And finally, Setting goals and writing them down is the best way to see things change. Take some time to decide what our organizational goals are and how soon we plan to achieve them. Be as specific as possible and achieve the challenges by steps. Record it down to keep a track of our progress.

In conclusion, keep our minds clear, figure out what is important, sometimes mentality self-encouragement is also very important. So believe ourselves that we can make the arrangements well.