The 1st Kind of Method:

The main material: Chinese cabbage

Additional material: Korean chilli powder, fish sauce, daxida ( a kind of Korean condiments, pulverescent), saki, walleye pollack, sleeve-fish, fish jam.


1、A pot of salt water( as much salt as you can),steep the Chinese cabbage with pieces into the salt water for four hours, then take them out and crush them to fine enough to be daubed with the additional materials.

2、Daub salt on each leaf of the cabbage, especially at the root of the leaves. Then keep them for another four hours.

3、After four hours, wash the cabbage in the salt water, which has been used in Step 1, until there is no salt left then crush them to dry.

4、Put some sticky rice with a lot of water in a pot, then keep it under the sun until the color of the sticky rice becomes very transparent! Then put much Korean chilli powder, fish sauce, daxida, ginger, monosodium glutamate, sugar and salt in the water. Last put the Chinese cabbage into the mixture and chum them together.

5、The delicious Korean Kimchi will be finished after keep it in refrigerator for one day.^^*

The 2nd kind of Method:

Material: Chinese cabbage, ginger, garlic, apple, pear, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate and the Korean chilli powder.


1、Salt the Chinese cabbage. First spread salt on every leaf of the cabbage, then put it into a pot with a piece of preservative film and spend one night. ( it will be better to salt cabbage with a piece of heavy stone above on it, which can make the salt taste get into the cabbage easily.).

2、Cut the ginger, garlic, apple and pear into broken pieces ( you’d better to do this with a blender, that will make it easy and the taste is better as well). Put the Korean chilli powder into a pot with hot water, and pour out the water, then mix all of the materials with some sugar, churn them.

3、Daub the mixture on every piece of the cabbage, when you finish this process, you need to package it with preservative film and then keep it in your fridge. P.S. it can help to remove the acid of garlic by adding apple and pear. The best point about Kimchi is that it can be kept for a long time, about one week or much longer. This can save us many time to do other things.

The 3rd kind of Method:

The main material: Chinese cabbage. Wash it clean, put it into a pot, and salt it (like what we did above). After five hours, put some water into the pot as well until all of the cabbage is soaked in water. Wait a moment, then take the cabbage out and wash it again for future using.

The additional material: the Chinese cabbage, the Korean chilli powder, sugar, fresh write radish, kelp and fish soup. And the best ration for Cabbage and the additional material is 5:1.

Preparation: cut the write radish into threadlet, put them into the maxed jam and churm them, then put the pear threadlet, onion threadlet and minced garlic one by one into them. What also be needed are monosodium glutamate, ginger, onion, garlic, shrimp sauce, nuoc-mam, sugar and salt. The the mixed jam is too sticky to be used, it will be better to put some slice beef soup into it.

Making: daub the mixed jam into each piece of the cabbage, and keep it in a closed container to be fermented, after 12 hours, the kimchi will be done. Note: the best temperature for saving it is 4℃.

Introduce some kinds of eating methods of Kimchi:

1、the simplest method for eating Kimchi is treat it as a kind of pickles.

2、Stir-fry it with rice, it’s very delicious! In Korea there is a saying that is people can’t have a dinner without Kimchi.

3、make a Kimchi soup!