There are many long sentences for English, which has many complicated structure, phrases and clause. While it is prone to use short and simple sentences for Chinese. So we should pay attention to this during translation. And we should take appropriate translation ways to handle this, to let the translation be accurate and correct as much as possible. One of the method is to cut the sentences into several parts, expressing the meaning easily.

We could translate some single word into one sentence to let it be localized. For example:

We recognize that China’s long-term modernization program understandably and necessarily emphasizes economic growth.

1. 我们认识到,中国的长期现代化计划可以理解地也是必要地以发展经济为重点

2. 我们认识到,中国的长期现代化计划是以发展经济为重点,这是可以理解的,也是必要的

Obviously the A translation is not acceptable for Chinese. It will be strange and unreadable. However, the B translation is correct and acceptable. We have translated those two words “understandably” “necessarily” into two short sentences, which will let the translation be understood and readable, consistent with Chinese expression. So B translation will be suitable for this English sentence.

So by cutting the words into several short sentences during translation is a good and acceptable way for those long English sentences. Those words include adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns. Let us have a look at following examples:

1) Nouns

The dust, the uproar and the growing dark threw everything into chaos.


She left home a child and came back a mother of three children.


2) Adjectives

His announcement got a mixed reaction.


I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.


Buckley was in a clear minority.


3) Adverbs

He unnecessarily spent a lot of time introducing this book.


She was pardonable proud of her wonderful cooking.


Personally, I see no objection to your joining us.


4) Verbs

The town boasts a beautiful lake.


Nowadays environment protection has been considered a crucial problem.