For projects with huge volume and tight delivery date, we all know we have to get more translators involved; to split the source should be the first idea which comes into our mind. However, we also have to meet the issue of inconsistency. We know consistency is regarded as the paramount factor in the translation of the localization industry.

After all, localization is not literature. It is not allowed to appear difference way of expression for the same sentence or phrase in localized materials. It is obvious that the inconsistency will appear anywhere of the translation as several translators are involved.

How to keep the consistency?

We cannot just simply split the source into several batches and assign to translators. It is really not professional. Good Preliminary preparation is the key. A good beginning is half done.

For continuous long-term projects, you can leverage TM and glossary to keep the consistency of the whole project. If it is a new project with large repetitions, but without these assess to follow up, what should we do?

1 Use Trados to export repeated segment (or new words).

1. Open Translator’s Workbench, go to TOOLS, click ANALYSE and EXPORT FREQUENT SEGMENTS, please select the file type as RTF. After you get the exported RTF file, you can ask one of the translators or your editor to translate it, thus you can use the file to create a TM.

2. Use MULTITERM EXTRACT or other similar application to extract all high frequency words and ask the linguist to translate it, thus you can create a glossary.

In this way, you can keep the consistency as much as possible during the translation process and improve the translation speed. It will also give the great convenience to the editor when he/she reviews the translations.