C. Reasonable methods to evaluate outsourcing translators
The encouraging policies mentioned above can’t be carried out without evaluating the performance of our outsourcing translators. Their performance including quality, cost, delivery, service( whether they are cooperated in urgent projects, and the times they cooperated with us), technology ( CAT Tools).

In order to help outsourcing translator better improve themselves, we need to make some reasonable evaluation methods, without which the activeness, enthusiasm and stability of their cooperation with us will be seriously defeated. We need to focus on such key standards used to evaluate outsourcing translators, as the improvement of TEP quality, punctuality of submitting works.

Through evaluation, we can feedback the result to our outsourcing translators, and meanwhile record and update their archive in our resource database. And keep probe in the causes of these questions and also countermeasures to these questions with outsourcing translators.

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D. Building mutual trusting relationship
Every time we contact with outsourcing translators, we said that we want to build a long term cooperating relationship with them. But how to do that? The answer is easy — we need to put our words into acts.

First of all, we need to give more actual projects to them; big jobs for active and high-quality translators and small for new translators to whom we haven’t assign jobs before.

To ask them whether they are available for a job shows that we trust them and we are willing to work with them, so we want to offer jobs to them. Everyone no matter he or her is a part time freelancer or a full time one, no matter he or she wants to take this job or not, he or she will reply you with willingness and politeness. This is a useful way to make progress in building our relationship in this short time contact.

Secondly, we need to make in-time reply to our outsourcing translators especially those first cooperate with us, who is hoping and waiting our jobs to be confirmed by our clients and to be assigned definitely to them.

If we didn’t reply them in time and always keep them waiting, they may get disappointed to our company and their passion in working with us is again defeated.

They may think that you always said there is new job for me, but they never come just because they are under negotiation with your clients. And one day they will get fed up with this sort of “new job offering” mails.

They will not trust us any more. Since we can’t talk with outsourcing translators face to face, this kind of mail-based relationship can be more sensitive and fragile.

I think the reason why they are fed up with these “new job offering” mails is the same with the reason why we will not cooperate with those translators who on the half way give up the jobs we assigned to them just because they can’t go on the job for some personal emergency. That reason is the trust between us and the outsourcing translator is lost.

Last but not the least, on time payment is especially vital to the building of long term partnership.

Above all, successful business relationship is built on mutual benefit and trust.