In this era of globalization and digitalization, you can convey your message through videos and recordings in seconds, but you need to have a record of these videos and recordings. Transcription services will help you here. Transcriptionists convert video and audio files into text files. Many translation companies are offering Transcription services. They hire a transcriptionist who can do general, medical, and legal transcriptions. General transcriptionist does not require specific training but the people who are dealing in medical and legal fields require subject matter expertise and they acquire formal training. In medical transcription, the transcriptionist has a medical background and extensive experience in their field so that they can understand the specific terminologies related to the medical field. The same is the requirement for a legal transcriptionist.

What Transcriptionists Do

Transcription services are required for video, audio, and qualitative data. Audio and video transcription is better when the quality of the audio is good. The transcriptionist needs to hear the recordings and they transcribe what they hear. If the quality of the audio is good, the transcriptionist can transcribe the material swiftly and without any error. He needs not to waste time listening to the recording again and again thus he utilizes the time in writing the transcript. To become a general transcriptionist is suitable for starters. It will help them in handling different topics and gain experience. It will further help them to decide whether they want to become a specialized transcriptionist or a general transcriptionist.

In general transcription services, the transcriptionist needs to listen to the recordings of court hearings, business meetings, college lectures, and minutes of conferences, personal conversation, and all those recordings that require a written reference. Many organizations and companies require document transcription services and in some cases, they may require the transcription services for teleconferences, phone conversations, speeches, articles, forums, meetings, reports, interviews, and manuscripts.

Becoming a Transcriptionist

If you want to become a transcriptionist, then you want to be clear in your mind, whether you want to become a medical, legal, or general transcriptionist. It does not require extensive training. If you want to specialize in the legal or medical field, then you can take the certification or associate degrees in your fields. Various states in the US require licenses for legal or medical transcriptionists.

Skill Set Required to Become a Transcriptionist

To become a transcriptionist, it requires patience and attention to details. You will not always get audible recordings to transcribe. Sometimes the quality of the audio file is not up to the mark. If you have the required skill set then you can handle these difficult tasks easily.

Enhance Your Typing Speed

People choose a profession due to passion and to earn money. In the field of transcription, if you have good transcription and typing speed then you can earn a good amount of money. Many transcription companies expect transcriptionists to type at the speed of about 40 to 50 words per minute. Some companies demand a faster speed. Transcriptionists with high typing speed will be able to do their work efficiently and on time. They should increase their speed to 80 words per minute. They can enhance their typing speed by practicing on tutor software. Typing speed can also be enhanced by using word or text expanders and keyword shortcuts.

Improve MS Word Skills

If you are competent in word processing programs then you can format your transcripts in less time. As a competent transcriptionist, you can increase your typing and transcription speed by using MS word’s autocorrect, shortcut keys, and other functions.

Indulge Yourself in Grammar Course

As a transcriptionist, you need to know grammar rules, spelling, and punctuation. For this, you can indulge yourself in a grammar course online or from a local vicinity college. After finishing your transcription work, always check grammatical mistakes.

Improve Your Vocabulary and General Knowledge

The transcriptionist needs to read magazines and books and browse websites related to the industry for whom he is working. For instance, if he is working for a financial institution, he should read financial books or business magazines like a business week and listen to financial TV channels like Bloomberg and CNBC. If you are dealing with the fashion industry, read all about the fashion industry and fashion trends. You can also take business courses regarding your industry.

Practice Transcription

Practice makes a man perfect. The same is the case with transcription. The more you practice, the more competent you will become. You can practice transcription by finding audio files. Look for podcasts, teleseminars, webinars, audio files, and online interviews. Transcribe phone messages and TV programs but while doing random transcription, you will not be able to check the accuracy of the transcription. Thus the best way to practice transcription is to get the same time of recordings that the transcriptionist is getting. Transcription practice files are created to develop transcription skills. You can compare your transcripts with corrected transcripts and learn from your mistakes.

Transcription practice files will assist in developing listening and transcription skills. They also help you in understanding different accents, voices, speech paces, and inflections. If you use practice files then you will become a competent transcriptionist in a short span. Transcription practice with audios and videos is a type of mock training that will make you realize whether to become a transcriptionist is the right career choice for you and not. Transcription practice files are available in different types of recordings. For example interviews, meetings, podcasts, industries, topics, and accents.

Use of Equipment

If you want to become a transcriptionist then you should also know how to use equipment accurately to produce accurate transcription results. The important tools used in transcription are transcription software, headset, foot pedal, word processing, and internet connection.

Wrapping Up

Transcription is a tedious task and demands sheer dedication, attention to detail, and competency in the concerned language. CCJK is offering the Professional Transcription Services, no matter whether you require general transcription, medical transcription, or legal transcription. The translators hired by CCJK have required knowledge, skills, and attitude to provide seamless transcription services to the global audience. For further details, Contact us.