Over past 10 years, CCJK is mainly focused on translation field and has achieved great success, compared with this field, our other services such as website design, SEO, E-Commerce Websites, website hosting, Logo design etc still have a bright prospects in the development of business. Being a sales, even if the project is hard to deal with, we still have confidence in finishing it and make our customers feel satisfied. Of course, some skills and knowledge we need master before launching business.

1.Know more about our competitors: As a Chinese saying says “Know your enemy and know yourself,emerge victorious in every battle”,so how much important of collecting our competitors information. we can search many website design companies by Baidu and Google, enter their website to know their strongpoints such as: what kind of skills they used in design; what kind of services they provided and very popular in customers; how they used their title to attract customers attention, taking an example of “ Creative ideas—That offers more than just a cool design” is just a good one. Actually we can get some information we want to know which will be useful for us to talk business with our clients or potential clients.

2.Know about our services: when client submit a project on the Internet, whether we can bid or not? It depends on the scope of our business, so the master knowledge of business services will be the first step to success. Only you know about our services and how it operates, the more professional you will be. I make a list of some services we provided for your reference, hope you have a clear understanding.

Our design services include:

Website design – A Jargon free web design service to help get your business online.

Logo design – Logo and Branding design that makes you really stand out.

Effective SEO solutions-CCJK provides comprehensive and effective SEO
solutions. Your websites can be better recorded by the search engines, and therefore get a higher ranking and more clicks.

Multilingual management-Customers can freely switch language on the website. No limitation on adding new language.

E-Commerce Websites-You want your e-Commerce site to be fast, efficient and secure. We are specialists in creating e-Commerce sites which will be trusted by your customers and will deliver 24/7.

DTP(desktop publishing)-CCJK makes your website looks charming and outstanding which get noticed and meet your marketing goal.

3.Master negotiation skill: According to customers questions, we must have a comprehensive understanding, never give customer a vague answer. When there is a debate on price, we should balance what we can offer and what customers can accept, we should try our best to get the order.

Above are some main points I share with you and hope could help you to be more professional, actually, we need to master not only these, only combine various serving features with creative ideas, the website development business will go smoothly and every difficulties will be conquered, because I always keep the faith: By hard working, success in just one step away from me.