12. Learn some skills of negotiation. When negotiating with customers, listen carefully and attentively with sincere smile in order to gain Win-win. Learn to think about the questions from the customers’ standpoint.

13. Learn some skills of promotion. Promotion is not only to sell your products but also is a way of guide for the customers to find their needs. Some customers may not have the need at present, but as long as you keep a good relationship with them, you have the hope of success in the long run.

14. Know the ways of the world. Be patient with the different requirement of different customers.

15. Know the important of the regular customers. Considering the cost and effect, it is easier to keep the regular customer than to find a new one. Besides, regular customers have their own network which may be useful for you.

16. Take suitable marketing ways. There are lots of marketing methods in modern society, such as telephone marketing, mail marketing, and email marketing, and so on. Try to find one or more to promote your products.

17. Have good psychological quality. You will be refused by customers many times, and someone might be very rude and impolite. Therefore, it’s very important that you are strong to bear the unpleasant treatment. Be clam and brave.

18. Pay attention to your appearance which includes clothing, speaking and manners. Appearance plays an important role in the first impression.

19. be tactful when dealing with the trouble. The key point is to keep a harmonious relation with the customers.

20. Learn from others, especially those who have lots of experience.

21. Have a spirit of team work. Ask for advice from others if you meet problem, but you should try your best to solve it on your own at first.

The above is some points I think important for a salesperson to be successful. The theory will be useless unless you put it into practice. Therefore, do more practice and learn more skills and experience from the real life. Only in that way can you make great achievement in your sales career!