It is said that sales is a profession which can not only bring great gains but also temper one’s business skills. Many successful men took up sales at the beginning stage of their career.

For example, the founder of IBM was a salesperson at first, and became a merchant giant later. Therefore, to be a salesperson will be of great help for your development. How to be a good salesperson? There are some tips that I want to share with you.

1. Know the product that you sell. Know well of its advantages, disadvantages, price strategy, specification, promotion, compete products, substitute products, etc. Do show your professional knowledge when you communicate with your customers.

2. Know your target customers. Classify your customers and divide them into various groups according to their importance or other criterion. Take different methods when dealing with different customers. Put more effort and time for the core and important ones.

3. Know the market. As a salesperson, you must have a good knowledge of the market segment, competitors, product developing trend and so on.

4. When you prompt your products, pay attention to the method and try to be tactful. Sales is not just selling, it requires you to summarize the experience thus enhancing yourselves. Moreover, sales has such a distinctive feature that at first salespersons meet a lot of trouble and the sales is not good, but as times goes on, salespersons identify more and more business opportunities and things turns better and better. What’s more, salesperson will create a circle of friends and get a big volume of information, both of which will provide great help in their career development.

5. Selling products is selling oneself, and the later is more important than the former one.

6. Handing out your name cards continually.

7. Make sure your action is keeping with your promise anytime in anyplace, which is a guarantee for the customers.

8. Customers are not only buying your products, but also your service attitude.

9. Make a good plan for sales to effectively make full use of your time. it’s highly recommended that you make the plan on a basis of week and make a report at the weekend in order to find out your sales law, the reason for success or failure for the sales target and so on. In that way you will improve a lot.

10. Write sales diary. Note carefully the sales schedule, customer information and feedback in details

11. Analyze the customers’ mind. Before you contact your target customers, try to find some information about their background, such as their hobbies, their company is state-owned or not etc, all of which can be helpful when communicating.