When the emails have been sent to the email receivers, it does not mean that the email will be read successfully.

All email receivers are facing the same situation: opening the email, receiving hundreds of emails, 95 of them are rubbish emails. Most people will take a glance at the email senders and the subject before opening the emals. Rubbish emails will be deleted when seen.

It becomes more and more challenging to attract the receivers to read the email. In December, 2006, Return Path company made a survey about the reason why the receivers open and read the emails.

know and trust the senders 55.9%
Opened the emails before and think it is worthwhile 51.2%

Email subject 41.4%

Always read emails. 32.2%

Email previews attract the readers 21.8%

Discount information 20%

Free transportation promotion 17.5%

From the above information chart, we could see that it is more possible for the receivers to open the email when the receivers know the senders than discount or promotion. So obviously, in order to attract the receivers to read your email. You have to let him know who sends the email and try every means to let them know who sends the emails.

Before sending the emails, the user will generally see two things: the senders and the email subjects. Email marketers should also focus their attention on these two things to motivate the receivers to open and read the emails.

Before discussing how to write the email subject and the senders’ information, let us look at how the typical rubbish emails are written. I am sure every people has received such rubbish emails.

Senders: Miss Pan

Subject: Invoice Agency

Senders: Mr. Wang

Subject: Cooperation information

Senders: ADSF

Subject: Invoice

This kind of email is easily to know that it belongs to rubbish emails. It will be deleted directly without opening.
On the contrast, email markers should pay attention to the following items.

Email senders use the same title to keep consistency and unchanged
For instance, if your electronic emails are named” Father and Mother monthly journal”, then the senders’ title should be named” Father and Mother monthly journal”.

2, Email subject should describe the main content of the email of this issue. Advertisement words should be avoided. The content should be concise.
MailChimp company is a professional email marketing server. They came to a conclusion by a survey of more than 40 million emails tracking: Good subject can make sure the email reading rate reach 60%-70%, while bad subject would let the email reading rate reach 1%-4%.

Highly read email subject include:

(company title) sales news

(company title) latest news( November, December)

(company title) the news in May, 2005

(company title) magazines in February, 2006

(company title) welcome

(company title) happy birthday to you

Issue 3 of website news

Lowly read email subject include:

Limited time promotion

Promotion in Valentines’ Day

Save 10%

Holiday coupons

Make up discount in Valentines’ Day


We could see that those simple and boring subject could even have a highly opening rate. Email marketer should try his best to make sure the email subject is attracting and the email senders title are known by receivers.