3.”Cracked jar” (TANTALIZE). This is the most primitive of the homophonic translation of humor that a wine only produced in California, one of the three major areas Lotti (LODI) producing “RIVER BLUFF (River Cliff) “, and the same time it means the wine all the equipment stays cracking wine jars, and also the most easy name to remember for imported vintners, and “TANTALIZE” the English of the original intent was to “tantalize”, we can imagine its taste and quality of grape varieties.

In 2004, the brand of 15.1 degree (%) of the TANTALIZE has become the areas of the best representatives of the international top-quality wines have been listed as the list of collections, because the wine in the case of natural fermentation can achieve this degree, is already a Astronomical, not all of the years to achieve this effect; In addition, the brand has been the ordered products for a large enterprise groups in the United States.

“Cracked jar” is the grape variety name for Chinese speaking, it also has made some funny stories already, though it’s easy to remember, however, did not give the sense of value of high quality grape varieties, therefore, to promote this kind of wine better, it has to name this elegant grape a beautiful coat to enable consumers to better accept it in China.

As for currently no uniform standards for the translation of the grape varieties, and we cannot be as the same as brand that can be registered, in the end, after the integration of market information in many areas, giving it a good name of “special sounds of days thinking “, and was referred to as “sounds of nature “this elegant name, of course, there are some good translations of other ideas, such as ” cane special love, sweet Terai, sweet special love “and so on.

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4. “Love me to kill you”(EVERSUNNY). This argument is terrible; love a person cannot a sin. In fact, this is a winery in South Africa odd foreign brands, whose intention is to highlight the meaning of the sun, and its direct homonym is farcical, “love me kill you “, the importer integrated in all aspects of market information, the ultimately named as the “Epworth Miss Shirley.”

In summary, the Chinese translation of imported wine brands the same as national brands. As a matter of fact, it is hard to find a good name cherished, but yet not only have a Chinese name, because very few words between the lines is the core brand value reflects the concentration in it. Good imported wine is only an adequate translation of the brand that its brand value can reach to a natural transition.

Transliteration and translation of paraphrase only two rules of translation, but through these two principles to achieve good brand translation effect, it would also have to input their ideas for marketing, but in reality the process of translation is a localization process.

First, from the perspective of grape varieties / brands itself with the characteristics. The more the brand characteristics of their own it has, the more personality differences it exists, such as the unique characteristics of the grape varieties of origin (such as California PETITE SIRAH / small West), geographical features and historical characteristics of areas, wineries and historical background of the characters (such as Above CONCANNON / Ken Jiani) and so on. Secondly, from the perspective of the target market:

This is to consider the consumer acceptance and cultural characteristics ability for target the regional market, that is to retain the characteristics of products, but also to match with the consumer culture, it is necessary to consider the Chinese market and it’s consumer behavior.

Accepted as an ordinary Chinese consumer culture of high-end image of the royal family, so some low-end French brands have been imported deliberately to domestic businesses, like walking a fine line and make some of these concepts to meet the psychological needs of the average consumer.

Furthermore, from a competitive point of view: before imported wine brands to enter China’s market space, analysis has other advantages with the reign of the characteristics of imported wine brands and consumer behavior psychology.

For example, when wine was first introduced in Guangzhou Sophie Fort Ancient Teng where full of American Zinfandel (old vine zinfndel) Product and brand concept began to grow rapidly in the Chinese market and lead the Zinfandel variety of domestic market, some businesses are rapidly response to the introduction of other brands of such species, saving a lot of advertising costs.

Ultimately, integrating the three positioning principles above, together with the rules of transliteration or free translation, the translation of brand also should express and pass the value of the brand; finding the entry point of translation value in target market for the brands, which in order to achieve truly effective of commercial value in translation – the brand introduction.