We write Emails everyday in our business life, but do you have think how you can make Email work for you?

let’s talk about it in this passage.

1.Don’t feel obliged you give detailed reply.

If you have a tight schedule and you can’t reply the mail immediately, you needn’t force yourself to reply the mail at once. Because if you give a reply in a hurry, you might make a lot of mistakes or there might be something missed due to the hurry. If you want to give the sender a prompt reply without mistakes, you can write a short one to him/her to tell them you will give a detailed reply in the near future. In that way, the sender will know you have received the email and now you are dealing with it.

2. Send a CC to those who need to know, not to everyone you know.

You may also be bothered by the overloaded mailbox. To some extent, this situation is caused by yourself. Sometimes you send someone the mail just because you can send to him/her at the same time. In fact, we should pay enough attention to email sending issue. We must clearly find out when to send the mails, when not to send the email, whom the mail should be sent to. If you have received lots of emails which are none of your business, write to the sender to tell them that you are not intended to be informed, so that you can avoid receiving more in the future.

3. Set up filters on your email system.

Email filters can divide different mails into corresponding folders according to the sender and topic, etc. It can also help you to delete the unnecessary mails or junk mails. Some advanced filter can even mark the important letters with colors or other special signals.

4. Don’t panic-you can always pick up the phone.

Have you ever stuck in a situation that you and the opposite part have written to each other many rounds of emails for many days. It’s very time-consuming and tiring. If you meet with such a condition, why don’t you make a call. It’s more useful and more effective. Overloaded email discourages people’s communication skills. Some people prefer to write an email rather than walk a few steps to the next door for a conversation, which is a pity. Please remember that talking is very important and helpful; don’t rely on the email too much or ignore the importance of communication face-to face.