History of Translation and its Essence Today!

Numerous languages are being spoken globally for everything we daily deal in!

Do you understand all of the languages?

Of-course Not! We all know certain languages and around the world we face the limitations of language barrier every now and then especially when we are living in diverse cultural civilization.

Businesses in today’s era are not only functioning domestically but these have maneuvered beyond the confinements of one’s country. Businesses are operational domestically as well as internationally in more than 1 country spreading more branches where understanding language of others is not easy task.

Translation services have provided the ready solution to these problems.

When did they start?

When we talk about the history of Translation we need to pay huge attention at different theories and names emerged in this industry at various intervals. Incidents took place in western world and Arab World which led main concerns towards the birth of particular theories about translation.

In western world the 17th century came to know the birth of many influential theorists like Sir John Denhom, Abraham Cowley, and John Dryden who brought up the concept of translation kinds; Metaphrase, Paraphrase, and imitation.

In 18th Century famous translators were compared to artists who had the power to let audience feel no difference of language. 19th Century brought main facts of romanticism and poetry as the domain of literature and there are several examples of it; among all the famous is Rubaiyat.

The translation services emerged and hit many business industries as well, for dealing with customers, employers and other stakeholders in relation to business itself.

The language barrier became the foundation of translation companies and the concept has now gained the fame in world to remove the limitation of understanding various languages through it.

The oldest Association of Translation Companies (ATC) formed in the year 1976 in Britain, where the leading translation companies designed a group and offered their services to millions of customers.

The literature and other translations modes put great impact on the businesses all around the world for many business tycoons and small owners.

The association is also the founding member of (EUATC) European Union of Translation Companies and is the pioneered association of its kind in the whole world.

It is now attracting global customer in today’s era to get benefit from their translation services. The ATC offers independent arbitration services to its clients in most of the cases and have great impact in Translation industry.

Trend of translation for various purposes continued and need of translation become more evident everywhere. To reach and satisfy the direct customer’s demand mechanizing translation processes were introduced, back in the 17th Century but its realistic possibilities came into practice only in the 20th century, “The Current World Era”.

Now translation companies have made the radical changes in all industries; businesses, education, literature, music, and serve as the source of communication with no hindrance posed through different languages.

It helps people in dealing with overseas clients or customers with best awareness and utmost ability to make the smart and lucrative decision for their purposes which was never possible without their presence.

Translation companies have now made their own significance by knowing its essence in the market and with the access of their quality services whenever it is needed.

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