【TechWeb 报道】8 月 26 日消息,国内物流大佬有望成为美国亚马逊直邮中国的合作伙伴。据业内人士透露,除和上海自贸区、上海信投合作外,亚马逊方面也有意与国内快递物流企业展开合作。有消息称,由于顺丰已在跨境电商业务方面有重大布局,亚马逊可能会牵手顺丰开展从美国到中国的直邮业务。不过,目前亚马逊方面并未对上述消息进行表态。

[From TechWeb] According to news on August 26, the domestic logistics baron promises to be the partner of US Amazon in direct mail to China. Disclosed by industry insiders, Amazon has the intention to cooperate with domestic logistics express enterprises in addition to China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Shanghai Information Investment Inc.. It is said that Amazon is likely to partners with SF Express to carry out direct mail business from US to China since the latter has made major arrangements in cross-border e-commerce. However, Amazon has not responded to the news above so far.

目前,消费者多采用“转运”的方式进行“海淘”,但从下单到收货经常需要2-3周时间,同时还面临着语言不通等不便。据悉,目前亚马逊直邮中国测试速度为 7-10 天,这与顺丰转运业务提供的时效相当。

Currently, consumers mostly use “transshipment” method to shop from other countries, but it often takes them 2 to 3 weeks from ordering to delivery, and they are also confronted with language barriers and other inconveniences. It is reported that the testing speed of direct mail from US Amazon to China is 7-10 days, which is equivalent to the timeliness by SF transshipment service.

From: The Techweb

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