Attitude is a kind of personal views towards everything. You can have a good or bad attitude towards the thing you face, but different attitudes will lead to varied results.

Somebody says, a good attitude is like a spring, it can bring tension to your life and help you adjust the mood to overcome all difficulties. It is also a precious asset in life.

A good attitude can also bring benefits in translation. As a translator, we have to treat various text with different difficulty levels. It is luck if the text is easy to handle, but how about with the difficult one? So we should adjust our attitude towards different text.

For the easy one, we should not be complacent to treat it causally. As this may result in stupied mistakes or other problems. While for the difficult one, we should not be defeated by it and think that everything can be dealt well in the end, what we need to do is just try our best and focus on the task we receive.

When you try every method with a good attitude to solve all encountered problems, then you will find the task is not so difficult as you thought and you can translate the text effeciently rather than inefficiently caused by negative thougts.

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As we all know the benefits a good attitude will bring, but how do we to keep a good attitude?

Firstly, we should learn to be confident. Confidence is the first step to success and the secert to happiness. Only confidence can make you feel positive when encountering difficulties and frustration, then you will find ways to solve everything.

You should always remind yourself that most things are possible if you try hard enough. Then you set small goals and work to reach them one by one. When you finish one goal, your confidence will increase a bit until you successfully achive the tasks at hand.

Secondly, .we should learn to adjust mood and try to think the positive side rather than the negative one. Learn to grasp the key points, simplify the complex things, carefully handle details and stay cool when a tricky thing happens. Then we can be closer to success with these steps.

Thirdly, we should learn to compete with ourselves. Try to do difficult things with ease, handle simple things seriously and try every bit to do the best for everything. Through these we try to make a bit progress every day to learn to feel happy for every progress we make.