Create your own Knowledge base and take advantage of it

As the IT and internet develop faster than we thought, we are facing more complex project than before.

what if we meet some file extension or requirement we have never met? how should we handle that and what is the best train of thought?

As a simple example , a project manager received a DOCX file and imported into the CAT tools, found that a large number of tags, it is obvious to see that this is inconvenient for translators , so the main goal is to reduce the tags . Project managers may take some time even for an hour to find a solution , but in the end simply could not find a suitable way .

In this case, what’s the best train of thought of handling this kind of issue?

1 refer internal knowledge base

2 Search the Internet

3 look for help internally

4 look for help In the Internet or social media

In the four methods above , I believe that the internal knowledge base is the most important .

when a good solution, best practice or process found by any person within the company, he / she should record this information which can be seen internally within the compnay . This helps ensure that all processes are transparent. The same problem occurs anytime , you do not have to spend time and energy looking for a solution, everyone can go in accordance with standard procedures .

To effectively use the knowledge in translation company , everyone plays two roles : contributors and dedicated readers. As a contributor , whenever the best practice or process found , relevant information needs to be recorded , otherwise other people who doesn’t how know to use the same process may not reach the same level of efficiency , or simply can not continue the project . Record this information must have strict rules , but also need time to process , but it is worth it.

As a dedicated reader , be sure to read the documentation of new knowledge regularly, and charge yourself , or when it comes to the same problem,you may not be able to have the best use of the existing knowledge base methods or processes, so that efficiency will inevitably be reduced. At the same time , whenever there is a problem , the first inspection is to look up the Knowledge Base , and then go find their own solutions.

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