Do you have such kind of friends who you would never want to talk with them for more than 10 minutes? Just because every time when you are chatting, you will be infected with pessimistic mood. For example, if you talk about the ideology of both sexes, she will complain how her boyfriend betrayed her; if you tell them you want to go to Lhasa by bicycle, they will say how terrible the Altitude Sickness is and you should think it again in case that you will lost your life…

Anyhow, in their mind, the whole world is full of dangerous that set them against. They always sign, frown, gnash, across their arms for on-guard position, and even exasperation to make you feel bad.

In their representation, everything interesting will become a disaster. Actually, if you change to another perspective, it’s not all that bad. For example, you were on the way home in the pouring rain without an umbrella. You got all wet. You can think about the reason why you do not bring the umbrella, maybe you should have a look at the weather forecast the day before.

But they should not. They would just keep on complaining, for the bad weather, for their bad luck. Assume that it is a funny guy who experiences this, how will he tell the story? “Yesterday, I got drenched on my way home, hahaha. It was so romantic walking in the rain without an umblella…”

There is a funny saying on the internet: Do you have anything unhappy? Tell us and make us happy. In the whole life, everyone may encounter unhappiness. But if you regard them as funny experiences and take it easy, you will certainly gain happy life. And good luck may probably follow.

Try to be an interesting guy.

In this world, every relationship can be improved. If you are facetious, humorous and empathy, you can do it. Just think about it, do you prefer to listen to another person keep on complaining? Everyone has his own pressure, to survive or something else. Pain is contagious. No one wants to receive negative emotion. Even for friends, complain about all day long will cause revolting sooner or later.

Such being the case, it is better to remind yourself: to be an interesting person. Every time when you encounter something bad, think about it in another way. Not only in your work, but also in your whole life, then you will find life is not that bad than you ever think. Anyway, tomorrow is another day!