So no one told you life was gonna be this way

Your job’s a joke, you’re broke

Your love life’s DOA

It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear

When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month

Or even your year, but…

It’s not a joke when you hear this OST (Original Soundtrack) playing on your screens in different languages thanks to the film translation services! That’s right, FRIENDS REUNION is here guys!

The best sitcom ever on television in the 90’s that consists of a bunch of friends living in New York City and making it through jibs and knacks and a coffee house made your day. If you ever wanted a good laugh Joey would do it for you, or if you wanted to give in to your compulsive side of personality you’d find Monica inside you somewhere. But let’s just say no one pulled a cooler one than Phoebe! But that is not what we are excited about.

The reunion that everyone has been waiting for is here and you can’t just lay your eyes off the screen even for a second. It brings so many memories back and…well….such nostalgia.

Now after waiting for years for Friends Reunion, it hit hard too, emotionally, considering the ongoing pandemic conditions. So streaming live on HBO Max was just what US fans needed.

Friends Reunion: All the Updates are Bamboozled!

Those who didn’t have a chance to see friends, get to it now because it was a remarkable season. The main leads, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross all made appearances for the Reunion and man were they old! It hits you hard that time has gone by so quickly and it feels like yesterday when all these characters looked young and chic.

Now? Not so much.

As Chandler might have put it: “Could anyone have been possibly older than us?”

Well, time flies buddy! But down below are the best spoilers revealed.

The Crush!!!

Wait, what?

Who had a crush on whom now again?

That’s right you might be going somewhere along the lines “we were on a break”. But while Ross and Rachel were not on the break a little Schwimmer/Aniston crush was going on the set!

The crushes were debilitating but yet we could have guessed as much from watching the shows. But hearing it live? Well, it did make our most thoughtful theories come to life. While Ross and Rachel (as a couple) were done for the show, backstage things were a bit different. And let’s not forget Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt (recalling the Happy Thanksgiving episode he made a special appearance).

Creator gets to do the talking

Friends were such a global phenomenon because of how much attention was paid to each character.

The reunion redressed for some scenes recalling and reenacting the way that had us laughing and emotional at the same time. When David Crane and Marta Kauffman appeared in the head segments, doing littler talks they explained how the show got put together in the first place.

They sure did face challenges while casting and producing.

One of the famous scenes where Monic gets to learn she cannot get pregnant and later on Rachel gives birth to Emily was pretty much emotional. Little did everyone know in reality Courtney Cox (Monica) actually had suffered through a miscarriage in her real life. The crying in the scenes seemed pretty much real because guess what? It was real. That’s what makes great actors, not letting their personal lives influence their show’s character.

Can you have guessed? Probably not.

Going backstage

Wandering around backstage for the Friends cast, recreated sets was an amazing feeling too. They even shared their private little in-jokes from the time that had the audiences laughing hard.

What did it really show us?

The bonding among the cast members is just dynamic. Turns out the sobbing and depressing Ross is actually the Leader backstage, while LeBlanc was the low-energy joker and Aniston was the heart (emotional one) ready to cry all the time!

Everything seemed a bit too intimidating at the end of the reunion but it was overall insightful to watch the climactic ending.

Taking the quiz

Remember the time when Rachel and Monica had a bet against Chandler and Joey to win the apartment while Ross leads the questions?

How can one forget how exciting the episode was. The same quiz-style scene was with Friends. Every character was pretty much exciting to see too. Traditionally, David Schwimmer acted as the host for the segment. And well, you need to watch it for yourself to enjoy.

It’s bloopers time

Now, this part is fun!

At this point, the cast of Friends goes over some of the bloopers while filming for the show. If you want to know then there are actually bloopers available on the DVDs (a long time ago) now you can watch them on YouTube.

This was sure fun to watch to see their reactions. Even the bloopers were funnier than the actual scenes they were filming back then.

James Corden is the man of the hour

The Friends Reunion was made in 2021. It goes without saying that James Coren was going to make his piece one way or another.

What we didn’t expect was that he was going to be a major part of the reunion. Let’s just say it’s not surprising that Corden managed to out-talk everyone else during the interview onstage. And he never really did say a lot!

It looked more like a platitude contest instead of an interview which at one point did dwindle the mood but let’s just say we were more than glad when it was over.

Are you a Friends snob?

This may not excite you if you really didn’t have the chance to watch the show but that’s alright. You can even watch Friends on Netflix with the transcription. If you did watch the show then do share your most laughable moment.

In case you need film translation or subtitling services in any language, we are just a click away!

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