During the process of project management, I think there are four elements including which need to be taken in consideration, which are cost, quality, schedule, continuous development of power respectively. To be a good project manager, the four elements should be integrated well by us, then comprehensively plan the whole project, arrange the whole project group make plans, implement every stages as per the schedule.

Firstly, in terms of cost, making a good project plan, the first step is analysis of planned labor costs before the project determined, and be then we can effectively control the costs payout, but not because some unnecessary demand change leading to cost doubled, therefore, to make the stage going smoothly, in addition to the experience and ability to do cost estimates, the most important thing is to do needs analysis.

In terms of quality, I think the key is to know the needs of our client. For quality assurance, we should try and communicate with customers as much as possible, to meet the demands of our client, to ensure project quality through customer’s feedback and internal review team, to pursuit the perfectionism, synergetic endeavor, real time response to the client’s specific requirements to deliver the best quality, only guarantee the quality, can we build a long-term relationship with our clients.

When we received a project, we should make a schedule firstly as per the total words, work contents and so on. For example, how long will it take for translation, editing, proofreading etc, these aspects are all key points to ensure the fluent progress of the whole project, and meanwhile we have to prepare to deal with some emergency situation in order to effectively ensure the project finished well on time.

And then the last element, sustainable development. When we finished a project, in addition to meet customer’s needs, but also we can use this program to learn something, like what kind of experience we can get from the order? Increase the accumulation of internal technology? Try to make some new changes for the future evolution of development. If we can complete a project to satisfy the customers meanwhile afterwards think these aspects, there is no doubt our ability of management will get improved unconsciously.