when we do a project, achieve your project files is very important, then we would like to know that: how could we organize this? In what name, what level, what structure, so that we could make things/files clear and organized.

You can probably find an infinite number of the way to get this done. I know of the setup done a number of ways each using its advantages and disadvantages.

Each of the ones I’ve seen begin with the project identifier (Number, name, whatever) as the root level but from then on the subfolders drop many paths. To the next stage could be simply ADMIN and Technical or PMBOK project phases or …

I’ve also seen some organizations make use of a general e-mail folder yet others offer an e-mail folder like a subfolder off of other such as an e-mail subfolder off of the Plans folder to ensure that e-mails associated with plans are stored in it.

Someone prefers to be arranged by phases because it is the way we monitor deliverables and standing of the project. By doing this it really is much easier to check documents as well as other stuff associated with the phase we are into. We only have separate folders for other PM administrative tasks for example resource monitoring.

Obviously, there is no one best way, so the answer is to choose an approach to make it best. We have seen many PMOs developing a insurance policy for document management that among other things gives a recommended means for project folders.

While there might be a primary need to organize project folders by process group or phase, this is often problematic numerous project documents span multiple processes or phases.

We have seen many PMOs having four forms of first level sub-folders for project documents PSR for project status reports, MOM for minutes in the meeting, DOCS for project documents, and APPROVALS for signature documents.

Perhaps the repository in the organization is really a well organized network file share or a vendor platform like SharePoint, creating a common approach (policy) for project document folders enables all involved to simply access completed project documents.

For many, the value of developing a common approach that everybody adheres to may very well be of more benefit than getting the “best” folder structure – whatever that could be

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