My first visit

Last week, Mike went to visit one of his clients in Baoan District. I accompany him as an assistant. The main purpose of my following is to study and feel key points and skills in such a face to face conversation. There is no doubt that it is an unforgettable experience for me.

Mike has informed me in advance that we will visit an important client together at 14:30 this Monday. How unfortunately, I have mistaken his words. I regarded it as the time to set out and went back to office at 13:50 after lunch. We are late for the appointed time. Mike has contacted with Ms Anglo and made an explanation on the way. However, being late is still an impolite behavior.

After we finally arrive at the destination and sit in the cozy conference room, Mike took out his laptop and called out materials for preparation. Since our late arrival has messed the plan, Ms Anglo was talking with another promissory customer at that time. When I was looking around the luxury room, Mike reminded me of getting ready for the meeting conference records. I searched through my entire bag, but failed to find a pen or a piece of paper.

Thus, I was just like sitting on pins and needles during the beginning of that conversation since I did not have any material to exhibit or any documents to write with. I kept staring at the card received from Ms Anglo. She is an outstanding female in business. My attention transferred to her well-fitting yellow skirt, then their earnest conversation gradually.

During the meeting, Ms Anglo stated the necessity and key points of carrying out the project. Even she demonstrated some details of related website and items below it. Mike sometimes raised a question, while sometime lost in thought. Ms Anglo emphasized that there will be some exercise tests before delivering the project to our company officially. Since it is going to be a long-term cooperation between we two, Ms Anglo emphasized that a responsible translator should be assigned to follow up the whole procedure. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, Ms Anglo will arrange some pointed study for the responsible person.

At end of the conversation, Mike mentioned a friend that both Ms Anglo and he know well. They spoke highly of that kind man and promised to meet at a party together.

It is exactly a wonderful experience in my career learning. Face-to-face communication is still an important part of our business trade. It is full of skills and joys. I am looking forward to my improvement and better preparation in the next time.