Yes, i am a totally green hand in this kind of professional translation company. Now i have been this company for few days, and I like this job. For the beginning, I get a lot of things to learn. After taking the Apprentice journey, I will become a qualified PM. I was ready to brace the new challenge, to star my first quotation, to connect the first client, to complete my first order, and to win the first smile.

My first day to this company:

First impression of the company to me is that it’s a bright and warming office. I was arranged to sit near our PM manager Chinos, who’s a totally professional guy in both English and computer.

My desk was clean and wide, chairs soft and cozy, i love this working place. What a Wonderful working environment. And colleagues are friendly to me. I receive warming welcome by anther workmates from far distance through E-mail. I am delighted and appreciated.

The first training course:

The first course was given by our PM manager Chinos. Sincere thanks to him. i got a brief picture of the job of PM and the process of work. Very impressive! What impresses me most is the big and positive circle of the work process running the whole company.

As a PM, he has to be a MR ALL-KNOW, who understands every detail of a new project. He can answer each question comes from the clients and handle in a good speed. He can give timely help to the translators make sure everything goes well. He also can resolve any problem, when something goes wrong. And he gets an abundant knowledge of the internet, which is a powerful tool.

My plan for the first month:

To learn something new is happy, also full of challenge, especially for the high level kind of job. My plan for the first month is to make a clear and full picture of what my job is. Then try to use the Trados and outlook by my own.

Taking a positive altitude in the new job, i will get a big progress. And most important, I should seize every chance to learn from other prior and excellent colleagues. Be humble, be positive. Stay hungry, stay foolish. I get a long way to go.

At last, I want to thank to CCJK accepting me as a member of the big group, I am so happy to continue my translation job after school. I will appreciate this opportunity, study hard and try hard to be a proficient, professional and diligent PM. Wish everybody Happy Chinese NEW YEAR!