Today is my third day since I joined in CCJK. Although the time is not so long, still I have some feelings which I would like to say here:

Firstly, I think there is an atmosphere of harmony and solidarity in company. Maybe it can owe to the company’s philosophy: Be Grateful to Clients, Parents, the Company and Employees; Good Character Makes Good Business.

Secondly, I found to do this job well, the paramount thing is you must be very careful, sometimes you think the trivial thing won’t impact the work, but actually any little omission can make a big mistake. And sometimes there are some details you don’t notice, also it can cause some problems. Most of all, all the demands of clients, we should keep firmly in mind.

Then, the importance of team work is self-evident. Just as a Chinese old saying: two heads are better than one. to work together to resolve common problems of the team is much more easy, and everyone’s future is closely linked with the company.

As a new member, I have so many things to learn, and I think we should accomplish our work with heart, with a view to the best outcome of the work so that we can enjoy in our work and success finally.