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Finland – a country with thousands of lakes, hometown of Santa Claus, motherland of sauna, the birthplace of Nokia. But what else do you know about Finland?

If you need to enter this close to nature country or step the new products into Finnish market, I think we should go across that language bridge.

Finnish is one of two official languages of Finland and an official language of the European Union.

The Finnish language spoken mainly in Finland ,but also by people of Finnish origin in Sweden and other countries.

Finnish is quite different from other Nordic languages, it is a very interesting language with light and quick word speed, pleasant to hear, but language syntax is complicated. This is the charming of Finnish, JRR Tolkien author of “Lord of the Rings” created a high elves languages —Quenya language based on Finnish.

Characteristic of Finnish

Finnish started to appear in writing in the 16th century. The first Finnish literature was a translation of the New Testament by Michael Agricola which was published in 1548.

Finland was a part of Sweden and Swedish was the official language ,Finnish was the second language until 1809.From 1863 the Finnish language could be used along with Swedish when dealing with authorities .In 1892 Finnish became an official language and gained a status comparable to that of Swedish. Now Finland is officially bilingual in Finnish and Swedish.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland usually called as the five Nordic countries.

They are not only geographically adjacent but also closely linked in history.

However, in the language, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Icelandic are Indo-Germanic languages, and Finnish is the member of the Finno-Ugric language family with its own remarkable feature in phonetics, grammar. And also Hungarian, Estonian, Karelian, language and so on are within the same language family with Finnish. These languages are used in the southern and eastern regions of Gulf of Finland. Among them, Finnish and Estonian are the most widely used, vocabulary and grammar are relatively close. After a short practice, the Finns and Estonians can understand each other’s language.

Like the world other ethnic languages, Finnish is also develops along with the Finnish nationality’s formation and the development.

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Finnish Translation Service
We deal with any type of documents you may need to translate into Finnish.

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