With the increasing globalization of financial markets, the global economy is now more interconnected than ever. On the back of sluggish economic growth in USA, expanding European debt crisis and ongoing economic decline in many developed countries, the global economy is currently amid rising uncertainty.

To make their business stand out in the increasing global competition, companies find themselves under an ever-increasing pressure to communicate their financial materials in multiple languages, including annual reports, financial statements, credit reports, profit and loss reports and investment documents.

Along with high quality translation, fast turnaround is another big challenge for translation service providers. Based on a talent pool of qualified and professional financial linguists, CCJK is your reliable partner for high quality financial services against short lead time.

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Why CCJK is good? Our linguists are terminology-savvy. With a deep knowledge of financial field, our linguists are familiar with financial terms in various sectors such as securities, banking, investing and insurance.

Putting priority to accuracy, our linguists know clearly that even one inaccurate translation could severely hinder your business. Over the past decade, CCJK has established a high reputation and a long-term relationship with more and more clients.

Why CCJK is good? A strict TEP process is another guarantee. The TEP process starts by translating the source text by a qualified bilingual specialist who is familiar with the subject of your project; then the translation is thoroughly reviewed against the source text for accuracy and consistency by a second translator; and it is finally proofread by a third translator in order to making sure the translation reads as if it is written by a native writer.

Why CCJK is good? A professional and considerate PM will deal with and track your project independently. For any query or assistant, PM is ready to help you.

So, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need financial translation services. We will provide you with excellent services with good quality at competitive price.

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