Finding Anti-Trust translation in CCJK

1. What is Anti-trust?

What is anti-trust? General speaking, it refers to a government’s or an organization’s measures of prohibiting anti-competitive actions and unfair business behaviors. With aim of promoting fair competition, many anti-trust laws have been issued all around the world, such as the United States Antitrust Law. Since China’s entering WTO, it has been taking an active part in anti-trust action to maintain competition in the marketplace. The government has also made some laws and executes them strictly so as to meet the challenges of globalization.

In general, Anti-trust includes three aspects:

1. Preventing practice which limits the fair and free business and competition.

2. Prohibiting monopoly power from dominating the market. Some steps are taken to control behaviors such as predatory pricing, tying, price gouging, refuse to deal and so on.

3. Supervising mergers and acquisitions.

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2. Why Anti-trust is important for us?

Nowadays, many international companies invested in China, while the national companies develop fast too. Anti-trust is becoming a more and more critical to maintain a fair competitive environment. Knowing Chinese Anti-trust law helps foreign companies do business well in China; being familiar with anti-trust laws in other countries is useful for those Chinese companies which aim to enlarge their business overseas.

Some people might think that anti-trust has nothing with our common people’s daily life and it is the matter of the government. However, Anti-trust is very important to everyone since it influences many aspects in our life. If one company’s (such as a company which sells washing machines or rice cooker) market share or monopoly power is extremely big in the market, it can decide the price of its products or services as it wishes since there is no competitor for its products, which must be bad for us. Therefore, anti-trust is very important and meaningful; it’s protecting our consumers’ interest.

3. Why CCJK is your reliable partner in Anti-trust translation?

CCJK is devoted to anti-trust translation for 10 years. We have a skilled team who are all highly experienced in anti-trust translation. We have handles various kinds of subject such as patent misuse issue, anti-trust regulations, protectionism, tariffs and quotas issues and so on. Following the guideline of American translation Association, we ensure the accuracy and strictness.

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