Express my personal impression

It has been three months since I started working with CCJK as a translator.
During that time, I have adjusted and adapted well into the CCJK’s corporate culture.

I have also encountered various challenges in the meantime, however,
this has helped me to learn more about what could go wrong and how to resolve problems.

With the support and guidance of my colleagues and managers, great improvements have been achieved.

Here, I would like to thank my department heads and colleagues for their assistance, and in particular those who have helped me with those challenges.
I also attribute this to the friendly working environment, and the team spirit at the firm.

I have set myself a high standard in my daily work. I will try my best to complete all tasks on time.

I am hoping I will soon be able to make bigger contribution to CCJK.
After three months’ hard work, I am now able to handle various tasks independently within the department.

I believe one sentence ” Have Fun, Work Hard and Money Will Come.” So, please don’t waste time – grab your opportunities, have a positive outlook on life even when it’s not fun, come on, keep moving on.

I want to know more about the legalities of our industry, set personal standards or take these: I will not knowingly hurt or hinder another human being in the pursuit of my career.

I will not knowingly break any laws in the furtherance of my career

I will have a moral code that I will follow no matter what

I will endeavor to provide a positive contribution to society by what I do for a living

I will work evenings or weekends, if it is an emergency and I have discussed it with my partner

I will pass on freely and openly any skills, knowledge or experience to anyone who could use them to benefit
themselves within the same industry -I won’t hog information for the sake of it

I will not be jealous of anyone else’s success in the same industry

I will play by the Rules at all time