Marketers love to play with words and emotions. They go after every trick in the rule book and present it in such a way that the audience cannot resist it – sometimes out of emotion and at some times with anger. Marketing strategies can go awry too that’s why marketers opt for translation when putting forth a strategy.

However, translation is not always effective. The main goal is to reach the maximum audience, marketers use translation services to convert the advertisements and their websites in multilanguage for the very purpose. But due to some factors translation can fail to reach the target audience.

That’s when TRANSCREATION comes into action.

Is Transcreation Better Than Translation?

“Always” is one of the popular global brands which launched a #LikeAGirl campaign in favor of women to share their stories and the challenges they face during sports. The theme focuses on anger (as a negative emotion). Remember, ads are not always based on merry-go-round emotions; negative marketing attracts more attention than a jovial one. Relating an advertisement with negative emotions you stimulate the empathy and hidden emotions behind the concept.

That’s what transcreation is all about – converting words, graphics, and other relatable content for triggering emotions in the audience.

The translation is more language-oriented, hence the reason why translation has its limitations too. To better create an affiliation with the audience hiring professional transcreation services is in your best interest.

Transcreation focuses the cultural relevance and emotion, which is why it’s the best answer to preserve your status as a key player in the native and foreign markets.

Transcreation is the Soul of Brand: Time to Explore the Worth of Creative License!

Language foster’s trust. It’s important to consider the cultural enrichment involved in dialects to effectively communicate with your customers. Marketing campaigns do not only rely on customer loyalty, especially because of the fast-moving consumer trends.

For a brand, it is important to concentrate on the grey areas – the non-English parts of the region.

Before transcreation can take place, the transcreator needs to communicate with the client to understand the client’s perspective. Sometimes clients do not have a clear idea of whether they are looking for a translator or a transcreator (both are different), which is why professional help is required at this stage.

Social media, websites, mobile apps, etc., all are part of the banding. Transcreation stimulates these tools in a better way, which garners the consumer’s attention right away. That’s how “trending” works these days.

Moral: Transcreation is about finding creative ways to become the magnet, attracting future sales, clients, and customers all under a single roof.

Variety is the Spice for Global Brands – When Transcreation Becomes an Excellent Approach

Global companies are always looking for creative ways to engage more customers. Transcreation helps to create a simple and more local version of the brand according to the customers’ mindset.

The brand invests heavily in services. Transcreation services don’t come cheap, that’s why a company expects the hired help to win over the local competitors. Transcreation has much to offer to the brand.

No wonder Share a Coke was a global success for Coca-Cola – it involved social bonding, a perfect ad targeting every major age group. Being one of the successful companies to localize the content successfully, Coca-Cola was able to reach a mass audience. Even if you take a look at this company’s website you will find localized content placed strategically.

Time to Improve SEO with Transcreation

Transcreation and localization are quite similar in several ways. But look at it this way: transcreation is the next level of localization.

When you localize the content, it affects the rankings on search engines too. Transcreation is an ideal way to boost the localized content and optimize the results on the search engine too.

To make sure localized content reaches the right audience, conduct keyword research. It’s a standard SEO practice to identify the local keyword and rewrite the content accordingly. What’s the benefit? The re-written content will integrate the keywords naturally making it more appealing for the online visitor. Another advantage is that transcreation makes the content readable and understandable. Using transcreation services for your website will boost your conversion rates, a strong signal that your content is engaging.

Transcreation focuses on relevant keywords for the online customer, which is a crucial practice to rank high in search engines and improve your brand’s online visibility.

Brand and Transcreation Makes a Great Couple!

Does the brand image matter? Of course, it does, swipe it with transcreation and you can create a perfect image (goodwill) in the eye of the audience. If you sell the brand’s image in more than just one language all I can say is: Well Played!

Transcreation can inspire a good laugh out of the audience and who doesn’t loves a good rhyme?

Swiffer, an original P&G cleaning product’s slogan was; “When Swiffer’s the one, consider it done.” Well, it worked the best due to the rhyming couplets. The Italian translation went like; “La polvere non dura, perché Swiffer la cattura” (The dust doesn’t last because Swiffer catches it).

This localized version depicts the original meaning so it worked well in the European market as the translation clearly described how the product also catches dust. The audience really digs rhymes and musical slogans. That’s why the majority of companies add catchy music or create original jingles to make the ads more happening.

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Let’s Sum It Up

Not all things are translated, some are localized or taken to the next level, i.e. transcreation. If you plan to engage the audience naturally, it is perhaps for the best to keep the downside and the benefits of your marketing strategies in mind, transcreation can only be so helpful.

Some translations hit the market, but transcreation hits the bull’s eye if depicted in the right way.

The strength of a brand lies in the differences, not in similarities.