Organization will benefit greatly from its human capital to bring into a full play in all its business strategic development. Among them, a highly successful and efficient workforce composed of talent team members is a critical ambition for almost all organization. Organize such an ambitious workforce need a thorough preparation, briefing and articulation.

To recruit and retain such a high efficient workforce by working with retained executive search firm can help organization to achieve a successful outcome. We are seeking for business partner right now.

if you are in the traits of the following description, please just feel free to contact with us or by sending your resume to ; we will be always ready for your applications.

We value health, family and friends;

We pursue spiritual purification and self-improvement by work with global elites;

We are teams of entrepreneurship, global perspective, insightfulness and multicultural.

YIM offers interesting opportunities to youthful or professional elites looking to make a better life change. YIM is an attractive place to begin your career in professional talent search and acquisition.

–We are always seeking team partners with these traits, if you apply to the followings:

—You are enterprising and persistent youth with multicultural experience;

—-You are honest and reliable partner with an extensive and strong network of management relationships;

—- You are self-motivated with a proven ability to develop and follow up on client opportunities;

—-You have a comprehensive understanding of organization issues and the necessary appreciation for talent needs;

What does YIM Assignment Consultant really do?

Your engagement in YIM has proven that you are such an enterprising, self-motivated and knowledgeable partner. Your existing core skills and knowledge can add and create mutual global opportunities and further self-learning traits will provide vital know-how to meet and exceed your role in YIM.


Consistently meets or exceeds monthly goals for projects within assigned territory as determined by the clients. You will be responsible for maintaining and improving internal and external customer relations. You will also must coach, train and supervise new associates and team staff to ensure that they meet or exceed specific targets and goals.

Roles and Responsibilities:

– Identify, establish, enhance and maintain business relationships with team associate within your assigned territory. Success will follow not just the initial relationship building, but establishing your role as a partner and consultant to the client for their specific end goals.

-Building your own extensive candidate and client contacts, tireless follow up and fierce dedication to keep updated with the latest hires and fires; creating and crafting a thorough market analysis of latest marketing information.

-Pitching clients and winning mandates pitching candidates, managing the headhunting process and close deals

-Meet and exceed client expectations in overseeing the management and delivery of their projects on budget and on schedule;

-Meet and exceed your revenue quota, maximizing short to medium term revenue while keeping an eye on the longer term sales projections;

-Partner with other global associate team members to align and coordinate synergized efforts for your individual accounts;

-Attack sales opportunities at all levels from cold calls or contacts to extending existing relationships; Identify new revenue opportunities through regular, consultative client interaction;

-Drive the client proposal process both internal and external to ensure that the offered solution addresses all customer needs;

Your Desired Skills & Experience:

-Quantifiable and proven sales track record of consistently attaining set sales quota and demonstrated ability to close contracts;

-A client-focused attitude with strong attention to detail and follow through;

-A motivated and engaged team player who looks for solutions and drives results;

How to apply:

To explore opportunities with YIM, please send your proven individual portfolios to or to contact our local associates in your region.

Career Development in YIM:

Talent Searcher –Associate Consultant—Consultant—Senior Consultant—VP

About YIM core culture:

Health, Families, Friends, Learning and Working, Pragmatic practice and Self-improvement

How will you be paid for your commitment?

Base compensation added with project and assignment commission; which is highly competitive in the 100% commitment and successful implement of each search assignment task.

For more about us, please visit our official website: , You may get more on inquires.