EverNote is a kind of famous note software overseas, it’s very similar with Onenote on interface and function. It not only is provided with great note-catching function, but also is equipped with special classified function and can support automatic management and timely search about filter.

System requirement: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server / Vista and Linux, unix and Mac OS platform, too. Now EverNote3 has been already able to support with the mobile devices, such as, BlackBerry handphone and so on. The latest version can support with the function of website page text interception, even though the ones which are input by Chinese.

EverNote not only has a number of personal users, but also cooperates with numerous famous IT and electronic companies, such as, Song, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Dialogue and so on, whose notebooks and any other portable equipments have been internally installed with EverNote.

Moreover, HP, SUN, Novell companies also take use it with their own products or system. The truth is that EverNote is very dependable. You will not be worried about that your database will be damaged after using EverNote to save notes for you.

Well, EverNote is not made by some software lover, who wanted to use it to manage his / her notes and put it under commercialized operations. In fact, it was the result of technology application, which was put into effect by Stepan Pachikov, the expert of former Soviet Union, who is called as the father of curve identification technology. But, of course, the function related with note management was achieved by special teams.

EverNote is the association of the graphical character recognition technology and note management. Without doubt that EverNote is the number one in the world and in the former field.

And also excellent in note management field. It’s more convenient and thoughtful than other note software, especially, at the live searching and automatic classifying aspects, except that, time band and note tape are very innovative and practical.