About the project and Kaba

the client Eurocom has around 50,000 words DE-JP translation of Kaba products which will go public in 2014, the project was coming in 5 batches.

(Kaba is a global company and leading provider of innovative access solutions for selected segments of the fast-growing security industry. Growth drivers are the four global trends, urbanization, increased concerns about security , technological innovation and rising prosperity in emerging markets.)

Client’s requirement

1. The translations are needed for the Kaba market launch in Japan in January 2014!

2. Please use the Kaba website (www.kaba.com) for any further information on company and products

3. There is no TM for this client in this language combination yet as there have been no translations into Japanese.

4. The client has added the Kaba multiterm database to the translation package but there are no Japanese entries. Maybe some English entries are useful though.

5. For queries please use smartQuery.

6. please do crosscheck on the client’s website after the finished return package is delivered.

Our Solution:

1. Read very carefully the client’s instruction, note what we should pay attention to during translation, how we should use smartquery, and the deliverable files required by the client;

2. I analyzed the file and browsed Kaba website, it’s about IT, so I found the suitable IT translator and proofreader to translate and ensure the best quality;

3. As the project is not very urgent, we have enough time to do translation and proofreading and then do crosscheck on the client’s website;

4. There’s a complicated story in the process, the Kaba client has a reviewer to check our translation, and the reviewer’s style of translation is different from our’s, and there are terms to be kept consistent with the client’s reviewer’s. So we need to do crosscheck on the client’s website until everything is settled.

Result and Learning from it:

As the client didn’t provide effective TM and glossary, it is understandable that we translate differently from the client’s reviewer. But we tried our best to do crosscheck (of the delivered batches) on the client’s website and will employ another third proofreader to do proofreading once again to follow the reviewer’s style of translation.

what I’ve learned is that we have to do trial test before we start translation, and send the client our translation to see if we really meet the client’s requirements; or we ask the client to send us reference TM and settled glossary to keep consistency. Then the following steps for us to translate and proofreading will be much easier.

About Eurocom:

An excellent language-service provider, they provide a comprehensive range of technical translation services between all major languages of the world. Specialize in technical documentation, IT, telecommunications, software localization, Website translations, advertisements, and marketing materials.

They also have the resources to handle translations of technical requests for proposal as well as legal, medical, and pharmaceutical-related material.


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