We have been handling with the enrichment project. The essentials and summaries are as following:

• Enrichment:

 Company Name (English)

 Company Street Address 1 (English)

 Company Street Address 2 (English)

 Company City (English)

 Company Postal Code (English)

 Company State (English)

 Company Country (English)

 Email

 WEBSITE (Home-page URL or 3rd party web site, as available)

 Legal ID (VAT ID/ TIN) (if available)

Company Name: *required. If you can find its English name in web, copy it directly; If not, translate it from your language.

Company Street Address 1: *required. Do the same as Company Name; No need to write City or Country as there’re separate columns for them to fill.

Company Street Address 2: No need to fill in. Address1 and Address2 columns are the place holders to capture a single address that runs more than one line. Hence, if one field is not sufficient to capture the address information, you can use the second column.

Company City: *required.

Company Postal Code: *required.

Company State: Fill in it if you can find it.

Company Country: *required.

Email: If you can find it in web, copy it; If not, leave it in blank.

WEBSITE: If you can find its official site, use it; If not, use the website address in which you find the company’s information. If you cannot find any information for this company, leave it in blank. (Home-page URL or 3rd party web site, as available)

Comments(MISC_NOTES): 1. If the name or address is translated from your language, put the comment “ Name / address is translated from Your Language”

2. If you are unable to find any information about this company in Web, then please also translate the Name and Address into ‘English’ and put them in the columns. Please put the comments in the Comments column as ‘URL Not Found’.

3. For all duplicate records(This is very important!), the following activities have to be performed:

 They have to be mapped to their corresponding master records

 Name, Address, City, Country, Postal Code, e-mail, website and Legal ID details have to be filled too.
The Master will be the record which represents the Headquarters of that company. For example, of the two records listed below, (2) will be the Master record.

(1) ABC Company, Branch Address

(2) ABC Company, Headquarters Address

When a duplicate is identified, point it to the corresponding master record in the “Comments” column. You may use “Duplicate of RowXXXX” OR the preferably, the notation as specified below.

Company Name Address Details Comments
ABC Company Headquarters Address Master-1
ABC Company Branch Address Duplicate (Master-1)
DEF Company Headquarters Address Master-2
XYZ Company Headquarters Address Master-3
XYZ Company Headquarters Address Duplicate (Master-3)
XYZ Company Branch Address Duplicate (Master-3)

4. For other special notes, please write in Comments column.

Legal ID(VAT ID/ TIN) (if available): If you can find it in web, copy it; If not, leave it in blank.

Hope these would have a help to you.