Ideally, one can choose the work he likes; do not need consider those things he is not interested in. But in real life, not everyone is so luck. You need to do something you are not that fond of, from time to time.

Please remind your college life: you like some courses and do not like some of them. But there is no way to choose – you have to pass all of them, no matter you like or not.

A distinguished scholar once said: Why recruiter of software engineer cares about your performance in European History? Anyway, History is a boring course. Do you think you will be accepted because you work hard in a course that you are not fond of? As a matter of fact, programming is also boring. Any job can be boring for some time. I will not hire those guys who only do things they are interested in.

From this you can see clearly: the ability to do well the jobs that you are not fond of is a key point to lead you success. This ability can make you done an excellent job, no matter what it is. And this consistent performance can make you different.

Of course, we need self-motivation as well. If we enjoy the process of word, we can surely perform well. But it is easier said than done. Here are some tips, to help you enjoy your work.

1. Focus on long-term interest

Sometimes, we need to do something we don’t like. And such things are always part of those can bring us benefit in the future. Such as some courses in college: even though you do not like them, they can help you win good job opportunities. Over the long run, such things you are doing are not that terrible.

2. Think about what you can learn

I always believe that, every experience has some point worth summarizing and learning. If you cannot get something from those things you don’t like, that may be because you are too focused on negative part! If you really cannot learn from that thing, this experience can teach you to persist at least. Anyway, every experience is a valuable lesson!

3. Enjoy the process of communication with others

Your joyness is not only come from what you are doing, but also the process of communication with other people. When the job itself is not that attractive, you can pay your attention to the communication experience. That is also a reason to enjoy our job.

4. Think about the positive aspect

If you keep on complaining how annoyed you are with your work, you can never enjoy that experience. You need to think about the positive aspect. Such as the long term benefit you can get, or the experience of communication with other people. Pay more attention to positive aspect rather than negative aspect.

6. Work with others with passion

Ordinary speaking, you are not so high ranked to choose the person you will work with. But if you can choose, surely you’d like to choose those passionate co-workers. Their passion will infect you as well, and bring you the strength to insist. Even that they can teach you how to enjoy your work.