End of the parking ticket? Smart windscreen sticker lets traffic wardens contact drivers to move their car


You may have experienced the frustration of being slapped with a parking fine or finding your car clamped after leaving it parked precariously for a couple of minutes.

不过近日推出的一款高科技 TowStop 贴纸可提醒车主移车,让车子逃出警察的“魔掌”。这款贴纸可贴在挡风玻璃上。

But now a high-tech car sticker that’s designed to be stuck to a car’s windscreen, could help motorists avoid such a situation by allowing a traffic warden to get in touch with them.


The TowStop sticker sends a text message to a driver when touched by a traffic warden, to allow motorists to send a reply and give them time to move their car promptly.


It’s designed to save drivers time and money by giving them a chance to move their car instead of having it towed away but relies on the good will of traffic wardens.

德国法兰克福市一名IT咨询师丹尼尔·卡利奥皮(Daniel Kalliontzis)设计出了这款贴纸,他正在众筹网站Indiegogo上募集资金,期望将这款贴纸批量生产,售价定为54欧元(约418元)。

Frankfurt-based IT consultant, Daniel Kalliontzis, came up with the idea and is raising funds on Indiego go to put his €54 (£43) sticker into production.


Car owners can buy the sticker and place it inside their car’s windscreen, having set it up with vital information, such as their phone number.


The slim design will include a sensor that when touched by a traffic warden, will send a text message warning a driver about an imminent fine. The message will ask them to move their car immediately.


The driver could then type a reply for the warden using their smartphone, which will appear on the sticker’s screen.


They may choose to write something along the lines of ‘back in two minutes’ in a bid to avoid a fine.


The smart sticker system will rely on the good will of traffic wardens and critically, a German law.


The law states: ‘An officer has to choose the most efficient and inexpensive way for the car owner to remove the vehicle.’


It could be cheaper for the authorities to contact the driver than to tow his car.


Mail Online asked the Department of Transport whether the sticker could be used in the UK in a similar way.A spokes man said:’In England there is no legal obligation to warn the motorist before issuing the ticket. However, a local authority does have the discretion not to issue a ticket if they believethe situation deserves some leniency or want to issue a warning.


‘If the government wanted to force councils to warn motorists before issuing tickets we would need to change the law.’


At the time of writing, Mr Kalliontzis has raised just over €3,000 (£2,362) of his €50,000 (£39,381) goal on Indiegogo.If he manages to raise the money, the stickers will be shipped in June 2015. It appears that car owners using the smart system could get some unnecessary warning messages, because anyone could touch the smart sticker.

来源:英语点津 https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/language_tips/news/2014-10/30/content_18830772.htm

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