Almost all professionals face such problems every day:

A lot of notes are in front of you on the table, each of which are marked ” Urgent “; a large number of emails are not read; the phone keeps ringing… Almost all of them should be simultaneously handled immediately.

Fax documents and computer printouts have been piled from the table to the ground; the meeting is another three minutes to go, but not even a little preparation is done; the notebook cannot be found, and it must be under some document.

The more busy the more disorderly. you’re always so busy that you forget what day it is today; and you sometimes even are suddenly awakened at midnight: OMG , how do I forget that important thing!

You are facing not only the busy work, but also the pressure from the company, colleagues and subordinates. Pressure from all sides makes you overwhelmed and cannot spare real time to do the thing that you need to do: addressing the root causes of the problems, overall arrangement and cultivating subordinates.

Pressure also makes you physically and mentally exhausted, continuing in a state of anxiety, and hard to maximize effectiveness at work.

Is your work time even longer? More emails to reply? Do you still have time to have lunch? Your requirement for life is higher and higher, so you have to work harder to keep up?

Are you truly disgusted by the saying of “half work with double results”? Does the word “unsustainable” sound exactly like your current status? Mankind is not like a computer which can work ceaselessly and efficiently. Our body has always been rhythmed and needs intermittent “charge”.

There’s a well-known theory in Harvard: the difference of people is in spare time, and one’s fate depends on the period between 20:00 to 10:00. If you take the two hours to read, study, think participate in lectures and discussions, you will find that your life is changing; and after adhering to it for a few years, you will be very near to be successful. While the majority of office workers, especially those from 35 to 50 -year-old feel that they are busy every day and have no free time;

moreover, many companies often lay off employees recently, all of which virtually increase the pressure on staff, weekday overtime or holidays attendance has become commonplace. But are they really true?

The habit of many people is feeling that everything is very important and everything needs to be done. Sometimes they find information, call for confirmation, study and compare repeatedly for a very small issue.

But in fact, after a careful afterwards analysis, they find that issue is irrelevant to the work of the day and is not worth spending a lot of time handling. Therefore, you do not need to be on any little case, or this will wear you out.

If you don’t believe it, you may as well read Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in which Zhuge Liang died from tiredness.

Then I want to share with you another opposite case. It’s about Microsoft – Microsoft’s “work at any hour”. They don’t have the traditional trivial formalities of work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but is a sublimation of staff time management system, which is a performance of Microsoft’s “family office” view.

In most cases, there is no setting of working hours in Microsoft. Perhaps for most enterprises it is unthinkable, because this management approach relies on the trust of the company to employees, the responsibility of the employees to the company and the desire for success of everyone.

But at Microsoft, each employee’s heart is with a single string: the mastery of their work.

In fact, as early as in 1968, a MIT researcher carried out a large-scale study on utilization of time. He investigated 3000 American professional managers, and found that the successful manager can do two things:

Firstly, limit the scope of his work, not overstep his authority, and try his best to do the things well within is duty; secondly, arrange time reasonably to minimize waste of time.

Always remember that no such “no time” excuses exist in the world. If you’re like many people who do not have time to complete their work because of “too busy “, then you must remember that there are a lot of people who are busier than you and have completed more work.

Those people did not have more time than you did. They learned how to make better use of their time only! Efficient use of time is a skill that everyone can grasp, just like driving.

Efficient use of time is not for you to become a slave to time, but to achieve your goals in life. All of those depend entirely on whether you can successfully manage your own time. That is the secret of all success.

The recipe for success: efficient use of time! Did you make good use of it?