Recent days, I received an unknown .hwp file from my client for language translation services, in order to make it editable, I need to convert this file into Microsoft office word type before I proceed further, but it was hard to find a software to edit and convert this file… fortunately I have found an easy and free way to do this online, below I will teach you how.

1. What is HWP file ?

Hangul (also known as Hangul Word Processor or HWP) is a proprietary word processing application published by the South Korean company Hancom Inc.. It is used extensively in South Korea, especially by the well as other Haansoft products, is a more affordable alternative to non-native comparable programs such as Microsoft Word. Furthermore, Hangul is widely supported in South Korea and has a large user base; many South Koreans begin their word processing life with Hangul, not with Microsoft Word.

Although the HWP format and Hangul word processor has become a common standard in South Korea, the program itself and its format is seldom used outside South Korea, and is incompatible with programs such as Microsoft Word.

2. Easy ways to convert hwp file to word doc online

  • Go to the amazing website:
  • Change your default language to Korean [Important! Only by Korean language can you see the hwp file option]
  • After changing the language to Korean, you can found the hwp file at the right column
  • Click the PDF part, choose your hwp file then upload.
  • when converting get finished, download the pdf files, and convert the pdf file to word file…then it is!FYI: the converted pdf file is well and fully can use any pdf converter like adobe acrobat to convert the file into word with all the format keeped.
  • Notice: Each IP address can convert once for free..if you need to convert more, you may change your ip address or sign up an account in this website

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