Last week, I watched a movie named Love is Not Blind. It did extremely good at the box office, earned over 200 million yuan over the past 2 weeks. Actually, it’s a simple film. It described a girl named Huang Xiaoxian, who just broke up with her boyfriend. She was very disappointed and found life could not move on.

At this time, his coworker called annoying, she was going to marry a boy from taiwan, and they wanted to hold a special wedding. However, the boy from Taiwan thought love could not be supplied for a long time, however, LV bag could be supplied continuously.

So Huang Xiaoxian decided to date the boy from Taiwan to prove that his theory was wrong. They went to a Janpanese restaurant and ordered food made from ballonfish. Then they went to oriental square in Beijing after having dinner, where Huang Xiaoxian told the boy that she kissed her exboyfriend in the square.

At that time, she just had dinner with her exboyfriend, they ate cooked tripe of sheep and she was full and nearly threw up. When the boy from Taiwan heard these things, he wanted to kiss Huang Xiaoxian, too, but she refused. Things like this happened all along the film.

In the end, after 33 days’ hard struggle, she Wang Xiaojian appeared. He did all kind of things to help her out from her depression, for example, he helped her refused a client who was very went out from the shadow of losing loved ones. The caption of the film has English and Chinese version showing at the same time, which was very convenient for us to learn English from it.

The rhythm of the English verion of the caption is much quicker than the Chinese version, so when you looked at the English caption and watch the film, you’ll feel like leaping ahead. The Chinese version of the caption is more delicate and moves slower. It’s more like a dailylife style.

This week, I watched another movie, East meets West 2011. It’s a comic film. It’s about the legend of 8 gods from heaven. They went to the earth to keep peace, but one of them betrayed the rest of them. He defeated all of the 7 gods and became the ruler of the earth.

However, after every reincarnation, the 7 gods still found the betrayed one and they would fight for the control of the world. Each time they tried, they were defeated by the betrayed one called yaksha. In the modern age the 7 gods reborned and gathered together in a traffic accident. One of them was a beautiful girl who put one makeup for dead people.

Another one was an actor who acted as ghost to frighten people in a park. In the end, the girl fell in love with the yaksha in the fighting in a concert of the wynners band. But in real life, they are partners in their business, so they didn’t go together but went on with their sepearate life. The film doesn’t have English caption. However, the characters in the film quoted from Shakespear several times.

Last week, I translated two transcript of video. One of them is the introduction of the University of New England in a small town in Australia. It’s not very long, only lasts for 10 minutes. In the video, they had interview with lots of the students in the University and they also interviewed the head of the university.

The transcript of it was generally simple, however, it’s quite oral and some of the phrase the student use is hard to understand. So I guess the meaning of it and write in Chinese of the translation. For example, one of the female student said “the heap is going on”, I translated into “活动层出不穷”.

Another transcript is the introduction of Texus, it’s population and its economy. The article says that Texus is the lone star in the darkness of the economy because of its energy industry


and defense industry.

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