Having a passport is one of the most important documents, if for any reason you want to leave the country. If you are having trouble going out of the country, a passport can make it much easier for you to travel from one country to the other. This passport certifies your identity and nationality, making it easy to travel abroad.

Are you planning a trip to the China? If yes, then your passport and other documents have to be translated into the Chinese language. For that, you will require an experienced translator to properly translate such an important document, used and reviewed worldwide. You can look for the Chinese Simplified Passport Documentation Translation Services, who can provide immigration, legal, and several other document translations, accurately in different languages.

Given below are the documents required while applying for the first time.

1) When applying for a passport the first time, the basic thing to do is fill out a passport application form. You can either get the application form or fill it out by yourself, or you can do it online. This form asks only routine information like name, address, date and place of birth and other similar questions.

2) Along with this form, you need to submit evidence of your citizenship. If you are not from China, it is obvious that you will be a citizen of that country where you were born. Since your birth certificate is in your native language, you will have to get it translated into Chinese. This can easily be done online, by hiring the Online Language Translation Services Company, which delivers accurate and efficient translations in your targeted language.

3) Another document required with the application form, is the proof of residence. This can include your ration card, water, and telephone or electricity bill to verify the address where you are staying at. Since, every country has its own unique way of speaking and communicating with the others. So, when applying for a passport, you need to get all these documents proving your residence, translated by easily available online agencies such as Online Language Translation Services Agency.

4) You also need to provide a recent 2”X 2” passport sized photograph taken within the past 6 months. There are some specific requirements that your photograph has to meet. Your face should be clearly visible without anything covering it like your hair, or anything else.

5) Providing proof of who you are claiming to be is very essential. You can either use your valid driver’s license or your identification card for this purpose.

6) There are 2 checks you need to prepare, one that has to be submitted for the application form, and the second is the passport processing fee. There are additional charges if you want an urgent passport.

7) The last step is submitting your application form, attached with copies of all the above documents, to the immigration office. Online Language Translation Service Provider can be very helpful, as they can easily translate a wide range of documents like immigration applications, birth certificates, visa documents and many more.

So, basically all documents issued outside China, have to be legalized. Documents in any other language need a certified passport translation service as the Chinese Simplified Passport Documentation Translation Services, which are not only cost effective, but also understand the importance of translating passports and other related documents.