A Japanese tourist guide made an appointment with an American to meet in the front of the hotel the next morning at 9O’clock.The guide arrived the front of the hotel nearly one quarter earlier and kept waiting there while when it turned to about 9,he didn’t see any one coming from the hotel door.

He was so worried to phone the room the American temporarily lived constantly but no one answered.When the guide didn’t know what to do,the American came toward him likely from outside of the hotel but this time it was about 10.

He hurried up to great him ,when he was going to ask why ,the American was so angry to say “where did u go and I have waited for u for one hour….I have not thought any guide like u would be so late for this appointment …”The Japanese explained at once “I have arrived earlier than 9.Actually I have always waiting u for about one hour…”.

“That is a lie ,but why we did not see u if u have waited for me for one hour?”The Japanese was rather baffling ,suddenly he thought of what he said may be ‘in front of the hotel instead of ‘in the front of the hotel’.When he was going to speak out,he found the American was always scolding him and he even had no chance to explain .

He wouldn’t like to argue with him, so he said ‘Ok,I am sorry’.While the American became more angry and continue to blame him feeling the Japanese guide before him is so hateful like they thought…..

Actually,it’s so sad for the Japanese that he maybe also didn’t understand why the American is so harsh even if he have explained and said sorry for asking for his forgiveness.

If the other side is also Japense,this scene would not happen.If one have been late for their appointment, the wrong side will say sorry firstly, and the other side should calm down to hear their explicaton to make it out instead of speaking loudly or arguing .If the wrong side apologized sincerely ,he should be forgiven.

Generally speaking, Japanese have got such education about apology in their childhood. Little children even know who apologized sincerely should not be scolded any more.

While for American,when others apologized to them,that means they admitted their wrong and should be to blame for their mistakes. So the Americans won’t say sorry lightly, because once they apologized, that means they admited the mistake and should take the responsibility.

They are more likely to make things clear by argument .In the debate,if u do not know how to argue with them ,even if u are right, u will also be be relegated to the loser.