For a senior project manger in localization Translation Company, they should submit a Customer Satisfaction Survey for any certain size project. It could help the project manager to understand the customer satisfaction throughout the whole process of the implementation of the project.

On the other hand, it could also help the project to know the problems during the implementation of the project and even explore and solve these problems. It could improve and enhance the relationship between your company and the client with a efficient manner of doing business.

Generally speaking, a customer satisfaction survey should be initiated by the project manager (the manager for the project who directly responsible) and arrange its implementations.

To successfully initiate a survey to client, the project manager should follow the flow bellow:

Firstly, sending the Invitation letter;

After the completion of the project, the project manager may send out the invitation letter to the customer; In general, sending it by fax is not commonly used recently, and more and more people would like the method of sending directly by an Email.

The project manage should send the survey as an attachment to the customer by email, and specify the purpose of the survey or the instructions on it. You may begin your Email with an invitation letter in a polite manner.

The design for a Questionnaire

The questionnaire consists of two level of questions. The first level is about the general impressions from the customer satisfaction. The second level may involved the deep problems or unsatisfied issues with questions. The feedback on this part may help you to understand what the problem is, how to solve it and know a further method to avoid such problem happens.

An analysis on the Results of the Survey

After finishing the questionnaire, the project manage should recall the survey back from the costumer. When all the survey returns, an analysis on the results of the Survey should be made inner the team. You could get a real costumer satisfaction from client.

In order to obtain practical results, answers should be filtered first before analyzing. For example, all the answers “No” should be deleted. And then make a numerical statistics on the other answers. Overall, the level for the customer satisfaction should be guaranteed to maintain or higher the level of 80%.

All in all, the costumer survey is only a method for Project management.