For projects with certain scale, Project Manager should carry out the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire immediately once the project is finally delivered. Thus, we can understand how the client is satisfied with the implementation of the whole project. On the other hand, it also helps you to understand the problems during the implementation of the project.

It will effectively improve the original operational flow as the problems are probed and solved. Besides, it is also beneficial to obtain potential business and expand market share.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire is mainly initiated and organized and implemented by Project Manager. For one thing, the result of questionnaire is used to project summary meeting and summary report, the anther is that sales manger should put forward the solution which meet the client’s future expectation and make relevant explanation to your client as for the projects which failed to meet the client’s satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire can be implemented accordingly to the flow as shown below:

1 Questionnaire invitation sent

Project Manager can send Questionnaire invitation to the client after the project is finally delivered. There are various kinds of questionnaire. Generally speaking, online questionnaire is most popular one, that is, directly put the questionnaire into the online questionnaire system and then inform the investigated to fill out the relevant questionnaire.

It is easy to count the questionnaire result quickly, meanwhile, it is also convenient for achieve and record the history questionnaire. However, its defect is the high cost for single questionnaire, especially for the company which has not their own online questionnaire investigation system; they have to seek for the support from the third party service provider

The common and convenient way is usually directly to implement by e-mails. PM sends the questionnaire as attachment to the client and makes corresponding description about the questionnaire in mail body, below is a template for reference:

Dear ×××

Thanks for your great support for us to smoothly finish (project No.: ×××) last week.

As part of service quality plan about projects, we would like to invite you to complete a simply questionnaire in order to evaluate our work. Your feedback will undoubtedly give us great reference value for us to measure our performance on the project; we can also take further action to enhance our service level and provide better service with higher quality for you in future cooperation. Attached please find the corresponding questionnaire which includes 8 questions which will take you about 10 minutes.

Should you have any questions about the Questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact .

Thanks for your time and effort on it!