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Croatia is a republic country located in southeastern Europe, at the junction of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, the Pannonian plain, and its major ethnic is Croats (89.9%), minority contains Serbs (4.5%), Bosniaks, Hungarians.

Croatian is the official language, this language is much the same language branch of Yugoslavia, Serbian and Bosnian, but because of political, ethnic, emotional and other reasons, the three languages have their own standard language, the Croatian and Bosnian use the Latin alphabet, but Serbian use the Cyrillic alphabet.

Croatia’s official language is Croatian literary language spelling using the Latin alphabet. in some areas which the minority takes majority portion , they can also use other languages, and Cyrillic letters, or any other letter.

After Croats converted their religion to Catholicism in 11th century, they accepted Catholic terminology as the official language. and switch to use Latin text. Latin is not only the official language of the Roman Church, and is a common means of Western culture and expression.

In addition some areas hold the religious ceremonies with the Slavic, all the other ceremonies, theology, and works use Latin, including administrative documents, official dealings letter and legal records. Croatia remains the Ge’la’guo’er text, and in the next many centuries, this text is seen as the “Croatian word “. Later on, it is even considered to be one of the nature and characteristics of Croatian culture.

During the period of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia – Croatian are one of the three official languages (the other two languages are Macedonian and Slovenian). In fact, Croatian and Serbian are two variants of the same language. Both the standard language have some differences in pronunciation, vocabulary and rhetorical.

And the Serbs use the Greek Department of the Cyrillic letters, Croats use the Latin alphabet. Mid-19th century, the reformers in Serbia and Croatia signed an agreement to be known as Serbo – Croatian (Croatia – Serbian). In December 1954, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro (Montenegro), Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of cultural associations reached an agreement, plans to develop a national standard pronunciation, and make a compilation of an authoritative dictionary.

But after the first two volumes of the Dictionary was published in 1967, has aroused strong dissatisfaction of the Croatian intelligentsia. In their view, many of the most common of Croatian vocabulary are excluded or to be treated as a dialect, and every word used the Serbian pronunciation as authority. So Croatian linguists severely criticized the tendency of the dictionary, and think this is the performance of the Serbian cultural chauvinism, which is an attempt to eliminate the Croatian language and culture, and to deny the Croatian national character.

They issued a written protest, demanded to take Serbo – Croatian as two different languages into the Constitution, the government should guarantee the continuity of g language used in schools, publishing industry, public utilities, political life, and radio and television. And then the Croatian scholars undertaken to compile a new Croatian phonetic dictionary, and which was officially published in 1971.

Croatian is an inflectional type language, the syntax change makes the language is very complex. Nouns, pronouns, and adjectives all have a single, complex and yang, yin, neutral points. There are seven grid: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, instrumental and pre-grid.

Verb has seven tenses: past tense, past first, past perfect tense, past the unfinished and future advance in the future, there are six kinds of person changes, complete version and uncompleted version, infinitive form verbs, Vice verb, imperative, subjunctive, etc.

Nowadays, Tourism becomes an important part of the Croatia’s national economy, and their business with many countries is more and more frequent. Under this situation, the importance of language which is the bridge of communication comes out.

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