What is a contract? Really, what is it? Since the different countries have the different laws and regulations, as well as the different cultural. The contents of contracts are different too. Traditionally, Chinese contracts are drafted quickly and describe basic conditions and intentions in general terms.

Chinese contracts are modified many times during the course of a business relationship. Labor contract is a good example. (Maybe, that happens in the past, now it changed a lot.)

Westerners consider contracts a set of universally applied rules that detail the understanding about the nature of such agreements…Example: Age is not a party in the contract, it is an employee that has a contract with a corporation
In the western view, after a contract has been agreed to, it is binding –regardless of circumstances that might make the arrangement much less attractive to one of the parties than it had been initially.

Western contracts are carefully negotiated, often after lengthy discussions. Full of details, they are consisting of many pages… Western contracts are seldom changed after signing. A deal is a deal.

Of course, we should select the essence and discard the dross. Please remember a saying: ”Think twice before you do”, then things will be perfect.