1. Don’t leave the floppy disk in floppy drive when it is out of use, or the data in it will flow out as time goes by and corrode your floppy drive.

2. Apply lubricant on your floppy disk now and then. This will make your floppy disk work faster, which in turn improve its access speed.

3. Folded 5.25 floppy disk can be used on 3.5 floppy disk.

4. Don’t put floppy disk upside down into floppy drive, or the data flown out will stuck the driving motor and disable the floppy drive. If your floppy disk is full, don’t worry, just hold it and shake it hardly for several minutes, then it will clear out more space for the data are compressed.

5. Your don’t have to spend any money if you want to upgrade “cpu776”, the only thing you need to do is add “device=cpu766+234” in the configuration files and add “cpu=1000” in the autoexec, then you will be surprised to find that your cpu has been upgraded to 1 G. If you add “ram=256”, your memory is upgraded too.

6. Disliking your small displayer? Now I will tell you that you can make it larger. Just boil it in the water for one hour, and then press it with your rolling pin, amazingly, your 15 inches screen will turn out to be 17. And your displayer will become a LCD if you roll too much.

7. Don’t turn on your computer for too long in the summer, or part of its hardware will turn into software. But don’t worry; it will turn back when winter comes.

8. Is it easier to crash down in the summer? That’s because it is too hot. Let me tell you something, open the rear cover of the case and pour into a basin of water.

9. You empted your recycle bin by accident? Don’t worry, it will be full again as long as you delete part of the contents on the hard disk.

10. Your computer can continue its work when there is a power cut. You can store some power
on your hard disk, and use it when power cut happens.

11. Though computer and robot brain are twins, the former is far from clever than the later. For computer is an illiterate who only identify o and 1, while robot brain identify both Chinese characters and foreign characters.

12. Install more than two systems on your computer, for it will work faster if you do that.

Let’s do something to make our computers better.