Comparison of several phenomenons in our office

In the morning ,we hurry up to the office for duty ,sometimes with our breakfast in our hands. When we sit down and begin to deal with the problems we have to face ,suddenly a nice smell come into our nose which seems so delicious. What’s more ,part of us often go to the office in a special time only with several seconds past 9,rarely before our on-duty time—9:00.

At noon, Someone may be tired of sitting, sometimes likes standing up with a translating article before her face while others are translating or proofreading something seriously. In the afternoon when there is about 1-2 hours left from our off-duty time,in a sudden moment,, it may be seen that someone is watching TV plays or animations.

Those unhappy scenes are what I have seen in the last month, but it have already past….

Actually ,sometime when I feel tired, i also have idea such as watching TV ,playing games or chatting with friends with our computer….Maybe it is hard to avoid such though when we always doing one monotonous thing ,but we need to control ourselves in these times…

Until last week when we calculated our salary in October, a lot of us if far from the rewarding of full-time attendance as many members arrive little later than 9 O’clock in the morning I have written before and someone even sign out in the back office before 6:00 in the afternoon though nearly everyone has worked more than 8 hours everyday. What should I do?Maybe it is necessary to write a mail to each other to remind them to pay attention to our office rules,,,, So I did it……

Now more than one week has past, recently I found nearly everyone had sited on their own seat before 9:00 am. They are so quiet and serous and even when it comes to half past 12 at noon, there are no one be ready for having lunch sometimes even make me little moved.

Even during free time ,someone begin to take care of the environment around and throw rubbish by themselves though the aunt will go our office for cleaning for two times one week.

As in SZ office,there was one computer lost in one weekend because of careless,now everyone in our office who became the last one leave the office everyday do remember to turn off the main power switch…

Maybe administration needs constant reminding as everyone is on the way of pursuing perfection and if u give others little advertisement ,they will correct it quickly and even do better.Wish everyone in our office have a nice day everyday and do better and better.

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