Each language is constantly evolving over time, and as the worldwide extensive use language, English is no exception. Today’s English can be divided into American English and British English. British English are used in Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, Ireland, South Africa.

And American English used in the United States and Canada. While in a certain sense, American English is a separate branch from British English language, but as American English in its development process due to its unique historical, cultural, ethnic, geographic and other factors, which has formed its own characteristics.

Therefore, when the Chinese works translated into English, for different countries, different types of English readers, we should use different methods and translation skills according to different characteristics readers, therefore readers can more easily to understand and increase their intimacy.

I. Translation status:

Nowadays the translation of literary works, in order to save manpower and material resources, the publishers generally only use one English translation version, which cannot choose the proper translation method according to reader’s customs in different countries, And which greatly weakened the readers’ acceptance of the works.

Secondly, whether literary works, or daily language translations, the difference phenomenon of British English and American English is very serious, and sometimes even cause the readers great confusion and misunderstanding. Although some people think British English and American English are interlinked, belong to the same language system.

But I think in order to give readers a better understanding of works, we should take a serious and distinguish, attitude to make translation, to make our rephrase closer to the reader’s culture.

II. Difference between British English and American English

1. Spelling. In American English development process, they deleted those letters that not pronounced, spelling is a big difference. Here are some examples:

In British, words ended with letter-re, like “centre”, in American, usually ended with letter-er, like “center”,

In British, words ended with letter-our, like “favour”, in American, usually simplified as letter-or, like “favor”.

2. Word meaning. The choice of words should also be carefully considered part, therefore different English readers should choose a different vocabulary. Overall, there are two aspects: same words with different meaning and different words with same meaning.

3. Tone. In literature, the dialogue between the characters is an essential element, and for different countries, we should use different tone. Britons pay attention to gentle, focused on person’s accent and speech tone, in order to show his identity and upbringing, while the Americans always advocate equality, the concept of qualifications and seniority is not so heavy, whose speech is very easy-going, and even some casual, In the United States the grandson often call grandpa’s name directly. British English is a rigorous language. While in the United States, there are many very colloquial dialect and slang.

III. Thoughts and Suggestions

All above, the two types of language have a common grammar system, some of the nuances are gradually accommodated for each other, imitation until assimilation. However, translation of literary works, in order to make the reader accept works easier you must use their respective idioms. issuing different versions of the English translation, make corrections accordingly.