Localization includes document translation, software compilation, software test and Desktop publishing and other miscellaneous tasks, which require various kinds of software (tools) to complete these tasks. To apply appropriate software will help to finish the work with high efficiency and create appropriate files in this industry. Here I list the commonly used software during our daily work (mainly related to document translation and Desktop publishing):

(1) Translation memory software

The common-used one is Trados (6.5/7.0/8.0/Studio 2009).

(2) Resource extraction software

The source interface context (menu, dialogue, screen prompt and so on) of software need the resource extraction software to extract these content which need to be localized for translation. The commonly used resource extraction software includes Alchemy Catalys.

(3) Desktop publish software

In software localization project, all kinds of printed material (user guide、installation manual and so on) need to use special Desktop publish software to make layout in advance before print. The commonly used Desktop publish software is FrameMaker, InDesign, Quark, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Freehand.

(5) Word processing software

word processing is one of the main procedures of software localization. Various of document on localization package is complied by word processing software, it includes Microsoft Word, Windows notepad, Ultra Edit, Editplus.

(6) Table processing software

Table processing software is used in the task which will be submitted, such as the result of software test, glossary and so on. The commonly used one is Microsoft Excel.

(7) Compression / decompression software

It is necessary to decrease the file size in order to make easy file transport, we need use compression software to compress those files with large size, and the users who use those files must use the same software to decompress them. The commonly used one is WinZip.

(8) Document Upload / Download Software

For convenient file management, better security and fast file transfer speed, it is necessary to transfer the files by the transfer file in the specified FTP server. The commonly used is Filelzilla, CuteFTP, WS_FTP.

(9) Communication exchange software

Accurate and timely communication is important for the success of a project.

For efficient and easy communication with internal team number and with external resource and client, we also need to use communication exchange software

In addition to telephone contact, e-mail is a common communication tool (Microsoft Outlook Express is mostly often used), but for some urgent time-sensitive issues, often using real-time online chat software is needed, such as Microsoft MSN Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger.

(10) Screen capture software

Also it is needed to capture the screenshot of a running software to save as a picture in DTP and test, such as user interface (menu, dialogue), start-up window. The common tool used is SnagIt。

(11) Picture viewing software

There are usually a large number of various pictures during DTP. A convenient Picture viewing tool can give big help to DTP engineer. The common used one is ACDSee.

Here I just touch the tip of iceberg about localization tools. There are many other tools which are used in software compilation and software test. I only list the tools I met during my own work. Hope it shows you some images in the field.