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While the media keep reminding us how big the Chinese market is, one direct result is that successful businesses, wanting to sell products or services in China, will need professional translation services to get their message across to the Chinese market.

Unfortunately, many decision-makers aren’t sure how to select the right Chinese language service provider. This is hardly surprising, since they are buying something they usually can’t judge (how many of them speak Chinese?). But the stakes are high: a poor Chinese translation can result in missed opportunities – or worse, costly and embarrassing mistakes.

Leading Chinese Translation Company

Rooted in China and Hong Kong and living and breathing the Chinese language and the Chinese culture, is specialized in Chinese translation services for English to Chinese and Chinese to English and has becoming one the leading translation companies in the Asia Pacific area. CCJK can also translate Chinese into most Asian and European languages and vice versa.

As a member of the Translators Association of China (TAC), implements a complete and strict translation process to ensure high quality and seamless reproduction of client’s materials from and into Chinese and over 90 other languages. Through this one-stop service, we help clients to overcome both language and cultural barriers in offering and selling products or services across the Chinese markets.

Best Chinese Translators is able to recruit the most qualified Chinese translators in the industry by devoting time and resources to maintain our relationships with reliable Chinese translators. Our translators are all native speakers of Chinese and have been tested based on their linguistic skills. When assigning projects, we select only those specialty translators who possess an extensive background and in-depth knowledge of their subject areas.

Specialty Chinese Translations is expert in translating into and from Chinese for the following fields by streamlining the translation process and assembling a team of specialty translators.

1) Software Chinese Translations

2) Game and Application Chinese Translations

3) Automotive Chinese Translations

4) Medical Chinese Translations

5) Consumer Electronics Chinese Translations

6) Legal and Financial Chinese Translations

7) eLearning Chinese Translations

Chinese Language Facts

– Chinese is the second most popular language next to English.

– By translating into Chinese you are going to reach 1.36 billion Chinese people, among which there are 444,948,013 Chinese speaking internet users; this represents 22.6 % of all the internet users in the world.

– Out of the estimated 1.36 billion population of the world who speaks Chinese, 32.6 % use the internet.

– During the last ten years from 2000 to 2010, the number of internet users who speak Chinese has grown 1,277.4 %.

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