导语:在所有中国行业中,互联网行业是上市最频繁、最多、最快的。刺激人们的,除了白花花的银子,更有火辣辣的青春。现在,中国互联网已经成长为仅次于美国的全球第二大市场,我们的移动互联网发展甚至超过了美国,也诞生了 BAT (百度阿里巴巴腾讯)那样的世界级互联网公司。

Introduction: among all industries in China, the Internet industry is the one having most listed companies and in which companies are listed most frequently and quickly. What stimulates people is not only the money but also the cherished youth. China is now second only to the US in terms of Internet market with the mobile Internet development even surpassing the US and also has some world-class Internet companies like the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent).

随着互联网、尤其是移动互联网的发展,它真正开始一个个颠覆传统行业:从媒体、娱乐、零售到制造、教育、金融。与此同时,传统企业的“互联网焦虑症” 也前所未有地严重。他们如饥似渴地忙着报名听各种培训课。当然,这个行业最懂行的老板们都在忙着闷头赚钱呢。即便心里明白未来趋势,也不会告诉你,否则怎么继续保持优势呢?

With the growth of Internet, particularly the mobile Internet, it starts to subvert traditional industries: from media, entertainment, retail to manufacturing, education and finance. Simultaneously, the “anxiety to Internet”of traditional enterprise has become more serious than ever. They thirstily participate various training courses. Of course, boss knowing the business in this industry are busy earning money. Even though they know the future trend, to maintain their advantages, they will not tell you.

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1. 互联网思维

1. Internet-style thinking


Nowadays, even the CCTV News and Beverly Hillbillies talk about the “Internet-style thinking”which means to use the Internet technologies, ideas and methods to modify and even subvert all traditional industries. This is both the highlight and new growth point of china’s economy.

2. 上市

2. Listing

在所有中国行业中,互联网行业是上市最频繁、最多、最快的。以过去半年为例,就已经先后有去哪儿、58、汽车之家、猎豹、聚美、途牛、京东先后赴美上市,迅雷、智联、阿里巴巴、美团等都在排队。尤其是聚美优品,创业 4 年就上市,市值逼近 40 亿美金,COE 陈欧年仅 30 岁,更有一大波 90 后高管。悲催的是,这些公司无一例外全部都是赴美上市,让美国投资者赚了大把钱。

Among all industries in China, the Internet industry is the one having most listed companies and in which companies are listed most frequently, quickly. Take the last six months as example, Qunar.com, 58, Autohome.com, Cheetah Mobile, Jumei.com, Tuniu.com and JD.com have been listed in the US capital market successively and Thunder, Zhaopin.com, Alibaba and MeiTuan.com are waiting to be listed. Especially Jumei.com, listed 4 years after its establishment, has a market capitalization of nearly 4 billion USD and its CEO, Mr. Chen Ou, who leads a batch of senior executives born after 1990, is only 30 years old. But the woeful thing is all these companies are list in the US, bringing investors there opportunities to make much money.

3. 产品经理

3. Product Manager

在互联网行业,最值钱的不是高管、不是 Top Sales,而是产品经理。因为这一段话,请细读:“互联网也许是迄今为止客户识别度最高的行业,功能明确、门槛低、重复使用、口碑传播便利。产品好不好,用户自己知道!因为功能性强且个人使用,精神附加值很小,这就决定了它是个高度朴实、产品/服务优先的行业。没有广告没有大师,注定是产品经理的天下!”

In the Internet industry, what is the most valuable is the product manager rather than senior executives or Top Sales. Read the following paragraph and you will know the reason: “The Internet may the most recognizable industry so far for its clear functions, low threshold, reusage and convenience of oral spreading. Users know whether a product is good! The high functionality, personal use and low spiritual additional value determines it is a highly plain and product/ service-prioritized industry. No advertising and no master, this industry is doomed to rely on product managers!”

4. 口水

4. Remarks

远鉴咨询联合创始人何冰艳女士曾戏说,“中国互联网又可以称中国互联娱乐网“。还真是,天天花样翻新。顶级大互联网公司的公关部,有撰稿、媒介、P 图、数据,简直像一个迷你编辑部!一切行业都是媒体业,互联网的本质是连接,因此媒体属性更强。除去附加的政治意义和公信力,BAT、360 和新浪微博哪个的覆盖率比中央电视台差?


Yuanjian Consultation’s co-founder, Ms. He Bingyan said jokingly, “China’s Internet can be called China Entertainment Internet.” And that is indeed true. Every day has something new. The public relations departments of top big Internet companies where there are staff for writing, media, photoshop and data are just like mini editorial departments! All industries are media industries. Essentially, Internet is a connection, so it has stronger media attribute. None of BAT, 360 and Sina Weibo has less coverage ratio than CCTV, except for the additional political significance and accountability.

In the foreseeable future, our life will be still full of argumentative, improper and unconventional Internet remarks.

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5. 移动:革命进行时

5. Mobile Internet: revolution is going on

现在,整个互联网产业正在发生一场深刻的迁徙,从桌面互联网向移动互联网不可逆转的大迁徙。与此同时,在 PC 端腾讯的网络游戏,淘宝天猫的网络购物,以及百度的网络搜索增长都在放缓。随着移动互联网的到来,市场已经进入高增长阶段,行业向移动倾斜的战略必要性凸显。当年的 PC 互联网,有一个很显著的概念,你下线了,关掉电脑便脱离了网络。手机是永远在线,足以消耗大量碎片时间,更像是人体的延伸,更接近互联网的本质。

Now, a profound change from desktop Internet to mobile Internet is occurring in the whole Internet industry. It’s big and irreversible. At the same time, Tencent’s online games, Taobao and Tmall’s online shopping and Baidu’s web search on PCs are all experiencing a slowing growth. With the advent of the mobile Internet, market has entered a phase of fast growth, so the strategic need for industries to attach great importance to the mobile Internet is emphasized. One of the obvious concepts of the PC Internet at that time is that when PC is turned off, you are offline and lose connection with the Internet. Phones enable you to be online at any time, so that a large amount of odd moments can be made use of, which is more like an extension of the body, and is closer to the nature of the Internet.

6. 自媒体

6. We media


一股强劲的浪潮正席卷全行业,网民们大呼痛快,媒体人趋之若鹜,广告主胆战心惊。这便是自媒体(we media)—-人人都是媒体。这是我们这个时代最激动人心的故事之一—-个人赋权。它对营销乃至中国社会变革的深远意义,要许多年以后才能被完全认识。


Anyone who gets the information has the right to speak. And anyone who has the right to speak owns the power.

A strong wave is sweeping all industries. Netizens are cheering for it happily, media persons are flocking to it and advertisers are afraid of it. It’s the we media – everyone is media. This is one of the most exciting events in our times – personal empowerment. Its far-reaching significance for marketing and even the social revolution in China cannot be fully realized until many years later.

In the future, we media will tend to develop towards community.

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7. 连接

7. Connection

百度连接了人和信息,腾讯连接了人和人,阿里巴巴连接了人和商品,这也是三巨头成为中国互联网“三座大山”,市值和产业控制力遥遥领先群雄的核心原因。现在微信起来以后,张小龙给它的定位就是 2 个字:连接,连接一切。“势连接这种资产与以往所有资产都不同,越用越有价值,消耗就是积累。如果你不相信这一点,就说明你并不真正相信互联网的力量。

Baidu connects people with information, Tencent connects persons with persons and Alibaba connects people with commodity. That’s the reason why the three large companies become the three leading ones in China and their market value and industrial control power far exceed other competitive rivals. Zhang Xiaolong positions the WeChat with one word: connection, connecting everything, since it emerged. Potential connection is different from all the other assets before. The more you use it, the more valuable it is. Consumption is accumulation. If you do not believe that, it means you do not really believe in the power of the Internet.

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