China Translation Industry advocates a Healthy & Rational Competition Order


China News Service Beijing, June 8 (Journalist Zhang Ximin) – In the first China Translation Industry Leaders Summit, tens of China translation industry operators reached an agreement of “Fair Competition, No Denigration” to explore a healthy and rational competition order and restrain bad inside competition.

This year’s Summit was hosted by Transn Joint Information Technology co., Ltd, the only multilingual partner of Chinese Olympic Committee Official Website, and strongly support by the Science and Technology Translation Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


It is learned that translation industry of China has been in the developing mode of small and scattered workshop for a long time. With the vigorous development of China market economy and the deepening mutual communication and integration with foreign countries, translation market is developing fast at an unprecedented speed. The traditional workshop business model is unable to meet the increasing market demand. The traditional business model which is trying to gain a competitive edge by reducing cost or other means is facing with more and more stern challenges. The rethinking and innovation of this industry turn to be an important issue for each translation business operator.

与会者认为,中国翻译行业必须顺应时代的需要,不断创新,走产业化道之路,才能实现规模发展和长久发展。同时,与会者指出,IT 技术是中国翻译产业化的必由之路。

Participants believed that China translation industry must meet the needs of social development. Only continuous innovation and industrialization can bring it a large-scale and long-term development. Meanwhile, Participants also indicated that IT technology is the only way leading to China translation industrialization.


They thought that the Internet-based Computer Aided Translation (CAT) will certainly replace the traditional manual workshop translation mode, realize a workflow management and scale production, substantially improve the efficiency and accuracy of translation, and fundamentally promote the progress of China translation industrialization.


It is learned that the Summit has set up a new idea and experience exchange platform for China translation industry, with the feature of efficient interaction and the fundamental form of guest speech and seminars & symposia. In order to fully discover the potential opportunities of cooperation, with their own technology, capital, Network, brand and other resources, the participating enterprises have explored a strategic cooperation model that is suitable for their own development, have built a new platform of inter-regional cooperation and have broken the geographic restrictions of industry cooperation.


It is reported that in order to further improve the process of China translation industrialization, participants come to an agreement that Translation Industry Leaders Summit will be held annually to discuss together the big events during the process of translation industrialization and facilitate China translation industry for a large-scale and long-term development.

From: The Hinews
Translated by Elodie, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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